August 31, 2020

You have stuff.

Perhaps your autographed framed print of Barry Manilow needs a permanent home. I know mine does!

Put your stuff on our shelves.

They are so pretty and much less expensive than cabinets.
Here are some things to consider…

Think about how you will use them.

Recently a customer increased the depth of his shelves a bit so he could fit two bottles of Tito’s vodka instead of one. Way to think ahead!

Most shelves we make are between 1″ – 2″ thick x 8″ -12″ deep x 2′ – 8′ long.
Depending upon the depth they may be one board piece or… 2 or more where we have to do a glue-up.

We can make shelves in just about any new native species like white oak, red oak, walnut or maple. The sky is pretty much the limit with new wood. There are many options available between the species of wood and the thickness and the coating you chose.

The shelves below are white oak. New. Fresh. Contemporary.

We offer reclaimed wood shelves in mixed softwoods, heart pine, redwood and oak when available.

Milling Options
We mill one edge straight so they fit nicely against the wall.
The edges will be square and slightly eased so they aren’t too sharp.
There are a few styles we can make using reclaimed wood.

With new-face reclaimed wood, we carefully remove the original surface of the wood to expose the fresh wood underneath. The evidence of reclamation including nail holes, areas of beautiful patina, and gorgeous grain pattern still tell a story with history. It is cleaned-up:)

Old-Face wood highlights the true natural beauty and character of reclaimed material. Rugged in appearance, this product maintains as much original surface as possible. Features on this material include old saw marks, patina, tool marks, and years wear-and-tear. Here are some examples of old-face details.

We can also do new-face all sides.

We will custom coat your shelves for you. You pick out the finish you want and leave the rest to us or you can do it yourself.

Excelsior’s coatings options:
VOC free oil (natural appearance and ingredients, low sheen, requires specific products for upkeep, less durable)
Polyurethane (very durable, low to mid-sheen, does not require specific products for upkeep)
Stain can be applied to affect the overall color or to decrease contrast from new face/freshly milled and old face surfaces.

*Please note that Excelsior does not currently supply brackets or mounting hardware however if you need assistance prepping your shelves for your hardware we can likely help.

Do not hesitate to reach out for your shelving quote. Large orders or small, we are happy to help!

So put your stuff on a shelf!

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Thank you to The Farmhouse Project,  Chestnut Street Design & Construction & some other fabulous customers for photos.

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