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Our pledge at Excelsior Wood Products is to lead with integrity, expertise, and an unyielding commitment to sustainability.

With every piece of wood we sell, every project we make, and in everything we do, we’re holding ourselves accountable for doing it in the most sustainable way possible. We go further than our competitors in ensuring that our products are sourced and manufactured to leave the smallest trace on the environment possible. We don’t do it for a competitive edge–we do it because it’s the right thing to do.

The Excelsior Promise Badge

The Excelsior Promise is represented with a logo on our products. It’s more than just a mark; it's our pledge to you and the planet. It stands for our dedication to sustainable sourcing, thoughtful harvesting, and the protection of forests for future generations. Every time you see this logo, know that it represents a commitment to crafting with care, respecting the environment, and ensuring a greener tomorrow. It's our promise of sustainability, made tangible.

How can you be sure that the wood leaving the Excelsior showroom is the most sustainably sourced? We hold our suppliers to a higher standard. That means we only work with companies who follow eco-friendly and fair trade practices, such as:


Rejecting Clearcutting:

Avoiding clearcutting to prevent adverse impacts on ecosystems and local communities. Our suppliers champion sustainable logging to safeguard forest preservation for coming generations.

Selective Harvesting:

Our suppliers meticulously plan and divide forest areas, harvesting only 20 to 200 trees per 1000 acres. This method preserves the forest's ecosystem, encouraging natural regeneration and maintaining ecological balance.

Promoting Growth of Young Trees:

Our suppliers ensure the protection and growth of seedlings and small trees, vital for the forest's future.

Regulated Harvesting:

Consistently, our suppliers harvest minimally, between 2 and 200 trees per 1000 acres, allowing the land adequate rest of 20-30 years between cuts to promote recovery and sustainable growth.

Optimal Forest Re-growth:

Strategic harvesting cycles are designed so that after 2-3 rotations, the forest actually contains more wood fiber than before, achieving a balance between use and replenishment.

Comprehensive Tracking:

Loggers are required to submit comprehensive forest management plans, which include species identification and precise GPS coordinates for tree harvesting, ensuring accuracy and adherence to sustainability goals.

Fair and Dignified Treatment:

We are committed to fairness and dignity for everyone involved in the cultivation and growth of our trees, regardless of their location. Those cultivating the wood we sell are compensated fairly for their work.

Wood Briquettes:

Our milling process is a testament to our sustainability ethos, upcycling as much wood as possible by transforming sawdust into clean-burning wood briquettes. These briquettes are made from 100% compressed kiln-dried wood-only sawdust. There are zero additives, zero chemicals, and no pressure-treated products included.

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