October 26, 2020

A fireplace mantel is not just an important piece for your home aesthetically. Yes, it can help to set a tone and may be the most looked at piece of wood in your home, however,  it can also serve as a sort of modern shrine to your family, holding treasures and pictures of your loved ones. It’s a place for stockings to be hung and the classic picture is taken. Many of our customers feel overwhelmed in the search for the perfect mantel, searching for hours through every board we have. We’re hoping to help guide you through the options here and save you some time and energy.

We offer not only old hand-hewn beams and reclaimed joists but new wood mantles as well.

Here are a few examples of reclaimed hand-hewn beam mantles. The rough-cut wood texture adds a warm inviting feeling to your home and that sense of age… and an authentic reclaimed beam has a story.

Below are examples of a reclaimed joist mantle.

With a slimmer profile, a reclaimed joist is the supporter and not the star. The joist is a beautiful piece of reclaimed wood and will add that rustic element and warmth to the fireplace without stealing the show.

Beams and joists can be purchased straight out of the barn with dirt and hay included or we can do the work to prepare it, cut it to size, and coat it. Please keep in mind that when we make new cuts into reclaimed wood the texture and color will be different. We can blend the new cuts with the old within reason.

For coatings, we offer VOC free oil, polyurethane, and fire retardants.

We can also join pieces together to make wider mantles…

Is your style more classic? We can mill you a quarter sawn oak mantel. Or paint grade wood with historic details. What many people don’t know about us is that Excelsior Wood Products began by producing architectural millwork. We still produce the finest custom moldings.

We can match almost any existing molding for historic reproductions, as we meticulously grind our own tooling in-house.

So whether you are looking for rustic or refined we can use new wood to make something that fits your style.

Perhaps a more organic form is what you are looking for. A live-edge mantle that focuses on the natural shape of the wood and creates a sculptural effect along the front edge of the mantel would be a fabulous choice.

We'd love to move forward as quickly as possible with your project .... so here are some things to consider:

Dimensions (thickness x width x length)

New or Reclaimed

Style – Classic, rustic, contemporary, transitional

Species of wood


Pre-coated or un-coated

Lead time

You can find more inspiration and glean some more modern ideas for mantles on our Pinterest.

So whatever style you choose… remember… A mantle may just be one piece of wood, but it’s an important one. So whether you are looking for something New or Reclaimed, let us help!

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