August 3, 2020

Crawling, playing, reading books, these are some of the things that our homeowners were taking into account when they purchased this gorgeous Rift Red Oak Flooring for their son’s nursery. Red Oak is such a family-friendly flooring.

The flooring in this nursery was chosen for several reasons.

The number one reason they chose wood flooring is for health reasons. Natural, organic wood! They know a special little someone will be crawling, playing, growing (so fast) on this floor! They want the reassurance of knowing he will be safe. (So many other flooring options have off-gassing.)

The homeowners also wanted red oak to match existing hardwood floors in the house so it would have a cohesive look. Because they were installing radiant heat, they needed a stable wood that would be less likely to cup or warp.  One of the benefits of quarter and rift sawn wood, besides the grain pattern, is its extreme dimensional stability. Which makes it ideal for demanding installations, such as over radiant heat.

They did the installation themselves and were pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it went compared to their last DIY flooring install. They commented on the pleasure of having the boards fit together so nicely… that the boards were very easy to work with and the width was just what they wanted. This couple are DIYers! They installed the floor and finished with a VOC free oil. They did a fabulous job with the whitewash finish.

Oak is a hardworking wood. It is naturally durable and able to withstand wear-and-tear.

Red Oak Hardwood Flooring is casual, comfortable and has a hardworking reputation. It is a reliable classic.  It is a striking choice for modern, rustic, and traditional spaces. No need to fuss and fear with these floors as they are naturally durable to withstand wear-and-tear. 

Red Oak is very easy to work with and takes stain nicely allowing Excelsior to custom finish this family-friendly flooring for your family to live and play on.

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