Thermally Modified Wood


Discover the enhanced durability and stability of our thermally modified wood selections: Ambara, Korina, Lunawood, and Tantimber (Ash). Each type is uniquely suited for various projects, offering specific advantages.

Thermal modification employs intense heat to transform the wood's properties, altering its cell structure and reducing moisture movement. This process enhances the wood's stability and durability by lessening expansion and contraction due to moisture changes, making it ideal for outdoor applications. However, when lighter species are thermally modified the process can decrease the wood's strength and hardness, affecting its application suitability.

Our Ambara wood, being lighter, is perfect for siding but unusable for decking applications. On the other hand, denser woods like Korina and Tantimber maintain their strength and hardness for decking applications, though they might not be ideal for heavy-duty construction. Get in touch with us today to find the perfect thermally modified wood for your project.

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