Sustainable wood at Excelsior Wood Products

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We all have a responsibility to keep this planet healthy. People recycle newspapers and cans. Excelsior recycles wood. So far, we’ve saved 1600 acres of forest. That’s the size of Central Park!

At Excelsior, we make just about any wood product from natural, renewable resources. We upcycle as much of our wood as possible, including compressing our wood scraps into clean-burning wood briquettes for your wood stove or fireplace. This is only the beginning of our investment in sustainability.

A Word From Our Founder

“As the grandson of a farmer, I was immersed in farm life growing up. This experience profoundly shaped me as a person and my business. Farmers are the most resourceful people I’ve known. They find a purpose and then re-use every resource they have.

I strive to bring this mindset to Excelsior Wood Products. We upcycle as much antique and reclaimed wood as possible to preserve the history and save trees. We grind our scrap wood into sawdust and compress it into bricks for home heating. We recycle the nails we pull out of reclaimed wood. We kiln dry, mill, and manufacture all our products in one location to decrease emissions from transportation. We also source lumber as close to home as possible. We use our scrap wood to heat our facility in an environmentally friendly gasification system.

We will continue to do these things and grow our company in this direction as time goes on. I can’t do it any other way.”

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