September 1, 2023

Nova Wood construction site siding project

At Excelsior Wood Products, we're not just in the business of delivering quality wood products, but we're deeply committed to doing so in the most sustainable way possible. This commitment is seen through our partnerships, and one of our most noteworthy collaborations is with Nova Wood USA. Recently, we had the honor of hosting an interview with Laurens van Kleef, the timbers & marine lumber program manager at Nova, to delve deeper into the power of our partnership and the measures Nova Wood is taking to protect the planet.

International Wood Sourcing with a Heart

Laurens plays a crucial role in sourcing timber for Nova Wood from Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. The demand for their diverse product lines has grown significantly over the years. And with growth comes the responsibility of ensuring the sustainability of forests. Laurens shared his pride in being associated with Nova Wood, especially their innovative approach to ensuring that sustainability remains at the heart of their operations.

The Importance of Diversification

A key component of this innovative approach is the diversification of wood species. All too often, industries can become overly reliant on a single species, putting that species and the ecosystem in jeopardy. By broadening their sourcing, Nova Wood ensures that ecosystems maintain their balance.

Proper sourcing is not just about meeting product demands. It's about connecting with mills that adhere to strict environmental standards, and sometimes even going beyond the basic requirements. Third-party certifications like OLB or FSC provide assurances that wood has been sourced responsibly, a factor that is increasingly becoming a priority in today’s society.

Sustainable Beyond Sourcing

Sustainability doesn't end once the wood has been sourced. It continues by ensuring the product has the longest lifespan possible. That’s why we team up with suppliers like Nova Wood to offer the best in reclaimed wood. This holistic approach to wood management signifies that when things are done the right way, everybody – from the consumer to the forest – benefits.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Laurens and Nova Wood for their commitment to global sustainability. It's partnerships like these that not only help businesses thrive but contribute positively to our planet's well-being.

In a world where resources are depleting, it's comforting to know that businesses like Excelsior Wood Products and Nova Wood are taking steps to ensure that our forests, and by extension our planet, are here for generations to come. If you want to join us in building a sustainable world, get in touch today!

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