Mernin & Co Inc posing in front of their latest project

For a decade, we’ve been proud to collaborate with the design and build company, Mernin & Co Inc. Through our partnership, we’ve renovated and designed several magnificent homes in the Hudson Valley region. To put it simply, we supply wood for specific projects Mernin & Co works on. Together, we fill homes with superior craftsmanship, unique designs, and high-quality lumber. 

The design and build company, located in Stone Ridge, NY, has crafted homes, farms, and compounds in the Hudson Valley for 20+ years. From the outset, the partnership between Ron Sauer of Excelsior and Mernin & Co was shaped by a shared ethos of community, creativity, and craftsmanship. 

The Art is in the Details

“It’s magical to be able to go into the warehouse at Excelsior and see what they themselves have decided is special,” says Aviva Ostrovsky of Mernin & Co. 

At our Grab & Go Store, you can find handpicked varieties of wood, offering a diverse range of options for builders and designers. From different species to reclaimed treasures, the magic is in the touch, the sight, and the feel of the wood – each one with its unique story to tell.

After Aviva and Joe visit our studio to source wood, the team honors the history of the reclaimed timbers through a meaningful and stylish design that the homeowners can’t help but show off. We are proud to work with collaborators with intricate knowledge and impeccable taste.

If you’re a contractor, designer, or architect, look to the craftsmen at Excelsior who can take your vision to the next level. Contact us to get started!

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