At Excelsior, we're passionate about breathing new life into the old. Our reclaimed chestnut wood, rich in history and no longer harvested, embarks on an extraordinary journey from its storied past to its modern renaissance.

From Past to Present

Sourced from old structures, each piece of chestnut wood carries marks of its previous life. Through a meticulous cleaning process, we transform these weathered relics into durable, timeless wood for our clients’ homes.

A Unique Treasure

As showcased in our latest video, this over 200-year-old wood undergoes a transformation that highlights its resilience and strength. Excelsior stands unique in the Northeast for offering this historical gem, providing a sustainable future for these ancient planks.

Join us in celebrating the enduring beauty of reclaimed chestnut. Watch our video to discover how Excelsior turns history into a sustainable masterpiece.

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