Excelsior Wood Products Spotlight: Brian Bonestell

December 13, 2023

Say hello to Brian Bonestell, our shop manager and sales ace at Excelsior Wood Products! In our latest video, Brian shares a peek into his busy but fulfilling role.

Brian's the go-to guy making sure our team is on track and our customers are happy. Whether it’s managing the workshop or showing clients around the showroom, he’s always there with a friendly smile and expert advice.

Remember the stunning boardwalk in Woodstock? That’s one of Brian's prouder moments, showcasing his hands-on skills in milling and construction.

What makes Excelsior special? It's the family vibe we have here, and Brian’s a big part of that. His passion and dedication make Excelsior more than just a wood shop. 

Check out the video to learn about Brian in his own words!

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