Excelsior Wood Products Staff Spotlight: Lorri Booth

June 10, 2024

Say hello to Lorri Booth, our Administrative Manager who’s on top of it ALL. Lorri’s day-to-day is a whirlwind of activity, handling human resources, bookkeeping, payroll, customer interactions, marketing, delivery schedules, and more.

Lorri feels our ability to be hands-on and shepherd projects from start to finish as a small, tight-knit team and community helps set Excelsior apart.

She shares a special story of a custom project for her bedroom – a stunning fireplace crafted by our very own Chris in the custom fabrication department, which serves as a beautiful focal point and one of her favorite parts of her bedroom.

Outside of work, Lorri is a passionate old movie buff, often found reciting lines from her favorite films. Her love for classic cinema adds a unique touch to her vibrant personality.

Check out the video to get to know more about Lorri and the heart she brings to our Excelsior family!

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