February 13, 2018

This month’s project highlight was tough to put together… because there is too much awesomeness to show!

This Saugerties home was one of the most enjoyable projects for Excelsior to date, from start to finish. Though the house is large, this customer’s amazing sense of style warms the home, giving it a cozy and inviting feel. Our favorite part?

You can see Excelsior products in every corner!

Working alongside some of the best in the business, Excelsior was able to jump full force into this project in both fabricating finished products and providing raw materials for custom creations.

As you stroll through this home (drooling with envy) you can see a number of different Excelsior products…

There is walnut flooring throughout this home bringing warmth and friendliness. A section of the bar is topped with Dead Standing Maple. This mixture of wood types is intoxicatingly beautiful.

The Walnut stair treads were custom made and sanded and oiled super smooth.

This kitchen is so unique with Reclaimed Whitewashed Oak paneling used for cabinets…

…a dreamy countertop view.

Dead Standing Maple paneling can be seen in the entryways and by the kitchen, which is a perfect background for this customer’s unique design and art decor.

A huge Reclaimed Oak media door was handcrafted by Excelsior.

A couple of others were also placed in the house

As for the other doors in the home, we were happy to help complement our partner’s sleek pieces.

In fact, all of the beautiful Rift and Quartered moldings and trim stretching through the home were milled and provided by Excelsior!

Live edge slabs add yet another design element in slightly unexpected ways. This Spalted Maple slab is a piece of art crowning the master bed. 

The walnut slab adds a perfect touch of warmth to this eclectic mix of textures and styles as seen from above. It makes anyone want to curl up and enjoy.

Reclaimed water tower Alaskan Yellow Cedar paneling in a whitewash finish can be seen boarding the balcony and on the first floor ceilings…

…while old face Reclaimed Alaskan Yellow Cedar paneling kisses the skies.

In the center of the home is a large beam, you can’t miss it! This beam is over 100 years old and was found on the property prior to construction. The beam stretches through every floor of the house and serves as a structural piece of history in the home.

Overall, this is just a sneak peek of the photos we were able to take of this unique home. Look out for more to come on this project, to be featured in our Portfolio: https://excelsiorwood.com/blog/saugerties-mountain-home

Big thanks to all who partnered with us on this adventure, check out their sites below!

Black Oak Builders

Bob Brown Construction:http://precisionconcretestructures.com/home/2222710

Rowan Woodworking:https://www.rowanwoodwork.com/

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