If you follow Excelsior on social media, you may recall the stream of photos we posted this March documenting the fabrication of the popular Reclaimed Oak Pub Tables.  As of May 30th, Colony in Woodstock opened their doors, and pulled out the chairs, for you to take a seat at these charming pieces yourself!

Proprietors, Lex and Neil Howard, have done an exquisite job bringing Colony’s historic grand room back to life in a modern age. As shared on their new website, Colony was established in 1929 as a relaxing stop for visitors to dine, listen to big bands, and relax before traveling up to Overlook Mountain House. At one time, Colony was considered the tallest building in the town; hard to imagine with the monstrous structures we see today.

Closing its doors as a result of WWII, and struggling to reopen to its former glory since, the restoration of the Colony this Spring was an exciting event for the Woodstock community. Following the goal to bring more nightlife back to their hamlet, Lex and Neil have created a truly magnificent venue for residents seeking an evening full of casual dining and eclectic music.

As individuals who love the restoration of historical buildings, Excelsior was proud to provide furniture pieces equally packed with character and history as the home they were meant for. To recap this project, let’s take a look at how these tables came to their new life…

Reclaimed Wood 

Constructed from Reclaimed Oak upcycled from old barn timbers, the material used for this project came with an abundance of circular saw kerf, nail holes, old tool marks, and various other natural defects we have come to love with reclaimed wood. After processing, these boards were cut to size, glued up and prepared for shaping into the circle, half-circle, and square table tops needed for this magnificent space.

Pre-finished Naturally

Because of the desire to maintain the rustic tone of the wood, we lightly hand-sanded and thoroughly scrubbed to remove the dirt to maintain as much patina as possible. A natural VOC free oil was then applied. VOC free oils are a superior choice for food, pet, and kid surfaces where it’s important to avoid harmful chemicals in your home. These oils soak beautifully into the wood; in this application leaving a glowing amber color to the oak.

Copper Rims

To give these tables an industrial-chic attire, our fabricators edged each table with copper strips. Aging the copper with a mix of dyes and pairing the design with copper hardware, these tops could easily be mistaken for antique pieces without a closer look!

Cast Iron Bases

To finish off these stunning tables, the designers at Colony provided elegant cast iron bases to attach to each table. These footed beauties were the perfect match for the pub tables, both sturdy and show-stopping pieces.

New Home

And now, here they are! Serving as resting spots for the plates of hearty dishes, the glasses full of spirits, and the elbows of admirers, these tables appear to have settled beautifully into their new Colony home.

With two levels of seating, you have the option to get personal with the band on the main floor or experience the acoustics in the romantic upper balcony.

Alongside the pub tables of many shapes, Excelsior fabricated a super-wide piece of Reclaimed Heart Pine to be used on the top deck as bar seating. This top was made from one gigantic beam, split in two and joined back together on the ends for a never-ending appearance.

The atmosphere of the grand room when the candles begin to light, sparks pure anticipation of what magic the night will bring. Outside seating is also available to enjoy the view of Woodstock passersby.

A line up of featured artists, open mic nights, and late-night entertainment are set weekly, leaving you with few excuses for not buying a ticket to a show.

Excelsior was so grateful for the opportunity to lend a hand in this beautiful restoration.

Visit Colony today for your elegant night out, accompanied by pretty fancy seating.

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