February 5, 2021

“Hey there gorgeous kitchen! You are looking very chic with all of your shiny tile, cool colors and stainless steel.”

“What’s that you say? You are feeling a little cold and aloof? People don’t feel comfortable in your space?”

Sometimes a kitchen just needs a wood countertop. All of that stainless steel and tile needs a counterpoint to establish some warmth and balance.

If you’d like an island top or counters for your entire kitchen we can help. Here are some options to consider.

We will need you to pick a type of wood. We have many species for you to choose from.

  • walnut
  • maple
  • oak
  • cherry
  • ash
  • reclaimed oak
  • reclaimed heart pine
  • other options are available, just ask!

then a style…

Plank style is generally joined up using random width boards. Thickness is typically up to 1-3/4”

Live edge features the natural contours of the tree.

Edge grain is created by joining up long narrow strips that are generally 1-1/2” – 1-3/4”


And of course, we need to know the dimensions!

We’ll need to know the thickness, width/depth, and length of each piece you need so our Craftsman can get to work!

What kind of Edge Detail do you want?

Square with a slightly broken edge, 1/8” radius, ¼” radius, or Ogee. Do you need this edge detail milled on all 4 edges?

Excelsior offers either a VOC free clear oil (knife friendly and requires maintenance) or polyurethane (not knife friendly, more durable).

We provide our customers with personalized collaborative service.
Click HERE to reach out and let’s get your project started today!

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