Craftsman milling wood at Excelsior Wood Products in Kingston.

If you're planning a woodworking project, the quality of your lumber is key. While it's possible to mill your own lumber from raw logs, many woodworkers prefer to buy pre-milled and pre-coated lumber for convenience and consistency. Here's what you need to know about buying pre-milled lumber and what you should be looking for—plus, what we have available here at Excelsior Wood Products.

Benefits of Buying Pre-Milled Lumber

Pre-milled lumber is wood that has already been processed to standard dimensions. The milling process involves planing the wood to a uniform thickness and width and cutting it to a precise length. There are several benefits to buying pre-milled lumber, including saving time on labor, a uniform finish across all boards, and trusted quality control.

Our Milling Services

At Excelsior, we regularly mill truckloads of new lumber into flooring, paneling, shiplap, decking, siding, and more. We’ve been trusted for over two decades for our precise wood milling services and can help bring your vision to life.

Our milling and coating services include:

Custom thickness, width, and length: If you need lumber resized for your project, we can plane your wood to your desired dimensions.

Surfacing: We can plane your wood to a smooth finish on one or both sides, depending on your needs.

Resawing: If you need thinner boards from thicker lumber, we can resaw your wood to your desired thickness.

Coating: Our coating services help to further protect and prepare your wood before project construction. Our clients can pick the product, color, and sheen, and we’ll handle the priming, painting, and staining. 

Pre-milled Wood Available to Purchase

In addition to raw and rough-cut log options, we have many pre-milled and pre-coated wood options available to use on custom flooring projects.

Reclaimed Chestnut

Reclaimed chestnut wood at Excelsior Wood Products

At Excelsior, we offer a unique selection of reclaimed wood, including popular choices like reclaimed chestnut. Reclaimed chestnut is another rare wood product that's prized for its beautiful, warm tones and unique grain patterns. Chestnut trees were once abundant in the United States, but are now scarce. This type of wood is only available at reputable suppliers (like us).

Coney Island Ipe

Coney Island Ipe reclaimed wood from Excelsior Wood Products

Coney Island Ipe is a rare, highly durable wood species that was used for the Coney Island Boardwalk in New York City. After the boardwalk was replaced, the wood was salvaged, allowing us to use this historic lumber for many projects. 

Reclaimed Softwood

Reclaimed softwood from Excelsior Wood Products

Reclaimed softwood is another great sustainable option for those who prefer to upcycle their wood. The wood's age and exposure to the elements add character and depth, making it a popular choice for those seeking a warm, vintage aesthetic in their woodworking or construction projects. 


Walnut wood from Excelsior Wood Products

Renowned for its deep, rich brown color and exquisite grain patterns, walnut creates an atmosphere of sophistication and warmth in any room. Beyond aesthetics, walnut wood is prized for its durability and strength, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. The wood's natural resistance to wear and denting adds to its appeal for flooring projects. Additionally, walnut's excellent stability and dimensional strength make it less prone to warping or shrinking.

Spalted Hickory

Hickory wood from Excelsior Wood Products

Spalted hickory displays striking visual features due to a natural process called spalting, which occurs when fungi interact with the wood. The result is a mesmerizing array of dark lines, streaks, and patterns that beautifully contrast with the lighter tones of the hickory. Its hardness and resistance to wear ensure longevity and resilience. 

If you’re interested in the pre-milled wood options listed above, email us directly at or fill out our contact form. We also have a variety of other wood species available at our Grab & Go Store in Kingston, NY. We’ve been told, “It’s magical to be able to go into the warehouse and see what Excelsior’s found.” 

We’re excited to bring your project to life!

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