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Torem, also known as South Pacific Redwood and Manilkara, is a brown or reddish-brown hardwood that is extremely strong and durable under a wide array of conditions. The genus that South Pacific Redwood is a part of can be found all over the world with high volumes in both the tropical Americas and tropical Africa. This particular species is primarily located in southeast Asia.


Product Care

With the ability to maintain structural integrity as it ages, South Pacific Redwood is a natural beauty. To retain the rich red coloring of the wood we recommend a high-quality penetrating oil finish with ultraviolet inhibitors. Pair this with regular cleaning and reapplication of the finish and you are ensuring the wood will retain its beauty for many years.

Sustainability & Durability

South Pacific Redwood is in the same durability class as Ipe, making it a great alternative. Our stock of South Pacific Redwood is Lacey Act approved and comes with a V-Legal Document license which is at the heart of Indonesia's timber legality verification system. This product meets our sustainable standards as well.

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