Welcome to Our New Showroom

April 23, 2019

Open your doors and your windows: Let’s welcome in the sunshine and spirit of Spring!

This year spring is going to be awesome. We’re excited and we want to share that energy with you!

We are finally prepared to open our doors and windows and present our recently updated showroom.

We’ve worked hard to make a place that’s inviting… a place where we can gather your information and you can learn a little about wood and our process. It’s a meeting place to talk about your project over a cup of coffee and of course a place to see many of our samples of wood. The sample boards hanging on the walls are only a small representation of the things we can do.

Custom wood products are our specialty…

So even though it may seem small, rest assured we can do almost anything.

Are you excited about the warmer spring weather, too?

Are you wanting to get going on all of those projects you’ve been dreaming of all winter?

Whether you want to start with an exterior project because you can already see yourself sitting on the deck you’ve envisioned, or you really want to increase the value of your house by putting up that new siding that you’ve needed for years, we have fabulous options available.

The EXTERIOR SECTION in our showroom has many samples for you to choose from. You’ll be able to find a solution for every taste and every budget.

Make sure the DECKING you get is the perfect wood for you. If you’re like us, you want decking that will not only look absolutely stunning but will last a long time! We have some gorgeous options that will make you want to live in that “outdoor room” you’ve created for your family.

Find the right SIDING for your home. Different species, different profiles are here to see, touch and choose from. Siding is much more than a pleasing facade. It gives your home character and protection from the elements.

And did you know, that getting the right protection (COATING) on your wood makes your exterior project even more attractive and last longer? So, don’t skip it! We coat all sides of the wood for maximum protection.

We can help you get it done right… here at Excelsior.

What about freshening up the INTERIOR of your house and dusting off those winter blahs?

Go ahead and give it the new FLOORING or PANELING you’ve been waiting so long for.

Need inspiration or are still too overwhelmed with choices to make decisions? No worries… our product specialist Christina is here to help!

We have much more to offer than just some sample boards in our showroom. We also offer many more products and services and are happy to help you sort out your options.

So let’s sit down, grab a cup of coffee and figure it out in our new showroom!

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