Shiplap – The Sweet Heart of the Design World

January 16, 2020

Why has this design element created a Beetlemania like fervor? And what exactly is it? Generally, when people think of shiplap they conjure up images of white painted wall paneling.

Technically shiplap refers only to the shape we mill the wood into.

Like this:

You can also leave a “nickel gap” for a shadow line.

Shiplap can be milled in any wood species in any reasonable dimensions. It can be primed and painted or stained and oiled. It can be made from new or reclaimed wood. It can be milled smooth or rough.

You can install it horizontally…

(draws the eye from left to right, creating a wider feeling area)

This is the classic look of white shiplap.

Or vertically…

(giving the illusion  of higher ceilings)

A little more of a modern edge.

Or diagonally….

Cha cha cha

What I appreciate so much about simple white painted shiplap is that it gives some interest to what would likely be a boring ‘ol sheetrocked wall.

It adds a subtle striped appearance along with some warmth and character from the wood grain peeking through.

Or maybe you want a rustic look. The texture and warmth of wood really adds character.

Use a variety of colors like Savona’s Restaurant on the strand in Kingston, NY.

Plus, it’s economical (if you choose knotty pine) and very versatile. (size of gap, specie, dimensions, grade, stain, paint, texture, etc.)

Woodstock Way Hotel chose an aged look for the shiplap that adorns its walls in keeping with its sustainable and conscious design.

I love that shiplap works in so many types of spaces: rustic, modern, transitional, man caves, treehouses.

I definitely think it deserves the hype! 

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