Haven: a place of safety or refuge.

Our homes have truly become our havens.

Daydreaming about sprucing up your haven?  We are too…

Maybe you finally have some time to add those open shelves in the kitchen you’ve been wanting…

Or you’re dreaming of that accent wall with shelves for your books… or an area for your favorite hobby! (like your growing collection of friends… ahem… plants that you seem to be talking an awful lot to lately;)



It may be time to get comfortable working from home… even if you just carve out a small space for a desk. Or you go all out and turn your guest bedroom into an office.

Perhaps consider a dining table you’d be inspired to pull up a chair to and have a meal at…

cartoon-deck-300x225.pngHow about an outdoor area you can enjoy in solitude or with loved ones?

Now that we are spending so much more time at home, why not make it your haven? Even just a few changes can make it work better for you and your family. 

Make your home your Haven!

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Cartoons: Christina Sauer (Products Specialist)

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