February 23, 2024

Excelsior Wood Products is proud to announce its participation in an innovative event that emphasizes our commitment to nurturing young minds and promoting interest in the trades. This event, part of the larger effort by the Northeast Construction Trades WorkForce Coalition, aimed to introduce fourth graders from the Coxsackie-Athens Central School District to the possibilities and importance of careers in the trades.

A Hands-On Approach to Learning

In collaboration with Questar III BOCES and GNH Lumber, Excelsior Wood was instrumental in developing and distributing toolkits that enabled students to build their own toolboxes. This practical experience not only introduced the students to fundamental construction skills but also underscored the significance of craftsmanship and diligence.

Encouraging Future Craftspeople

As Dr. Gladys I. Cruz, District Superintendent of Questar III BOCES, mentioned, "Events like this bring invaluable experiences to students. Not only do they teach practical skills, but they also instill a sense of pride and accomplishment, which can inspire a student’s future career path in the trades." 

Reinforcing Commitment to Community and Future Careers

Excelsior Wood Products is delighted to have contributed to this initiative, reinforcing our dedication to the community and the future of trade professions. Through the Youth Trades Education Initiative, we are eager to continue supporting programs that inspire, educate, and create pathways for future craftsmen and women.

Our participation in this program emphasizes the power of collaboration and the importance of investing in the future. By engaging young minds today, we help ensure a brighter, more skilled tomorrow.

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