Pro Plug® Tool for Wood

Pro Plug Tool for Wood – $20

1.Free Spinning Stop Collar with O-ring

The stop collar spins free of the drill and counterbore assembly and is fitted with a rubber o-ring that prevents damage to the board surface. The hole is complete when the stop collar stops spinning.

2. Counterbore

The case hardened counterbore portion of the tool is designed to perfectly match the geometry of the System’s specially designed fasteners and plugs.

3. Drill Bit

Drill bits feature Powerbolic fluting, which cuts through decking and flooring more than twice as fast as standard wood bits, even dense hardwoods. The Tool also comes packaged with a spare stub bit, designed for plug-only installations (with no fasteners).


Pro Plug Tool for Wood: The patented tool pre-drills and counterbores to perfectly match the system’s screws and plugs.

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