Ipe Seal® from DeckWise®

$19.95/ 16oz.

Ipe Seal from DeckWise® is a wax emulsion sealer proven to increase the structural integrity of hardwood decking. Designed to prevent end checking (drying splits) in freshly sawn logs, lumber, turning blanks, and other exposed wood end and face grain. Ipe Seal® creates a bond that extends the life of each deck board.

One quart of end sealer covers approximately 500 ft2 (46 m2) of decking. It is highly recommended that end grain cuts are protected in order to prevent checks and splits. Due to differences in wood species, variety of climatic conditions, and an individual’s usage methods; results are NOT guaranteed.

Building a Deck? Ron at Excelsior Wood Products shares his wisdom in this short video!



DO NOT apply to walking surfaces!
  • The sooner the sealer is applied to exposed end
    grain, the more effective the coating will be.
  • Application is recommended to the wood within 24hrs of cutting.
  • Protect your investment in exotic woods from unsightly end checking and splitting.
  • Ensure your lumber is protected from an early stage!

5 GALLON BUCKETS are also available.


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treated end cut with ipe oil

Treated with Ipe Seal®

untreated end cut wood

Untreated End-Cut