Headcote® 305 Stainless Steal Screws

Stainless Steel Screws with Color Coated Heads for Hardwood, Cedar, Redwood and Pressure Treated Decking

Headcote® 305  screws are designed to blend with all types of wood decking, including cedar, ipe, and red balau. These premium quality deck screws feature extra deep star drive recesses,Type 17 auger tips, trim heads or reinforced flat heads,and are stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.



  • Stainless steel screws with color coated heads match popular decking products
  • Extra deep recessed star drive to prevent cam-out
  • Trim head with nibs for better countersinking
  • Extra deep recessed star drive to prevent cam-out
  • Approved for use with ACQ treated lumber
  • Smart-Bit sold separately
  • Match the profiles of Smart-Bit Pre-drilling and Countersinking Tools

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100 pieces, 350 Pieces, 1050 pieces, 1750 pieces


Dark Slate, Brown, Mahogany