DeckWise® Wood Deck Cleaner and Brightener

16oz. – $15.95

32 oz – $31.50


When it comes to deck building, we all want it to last a long time. We want the natural wood color to show and sometimes even a gray deck appearance is our preference. However, with time, wood decking gets dirty and loses its’ luster and natural hardwood appeal.

DeckWise® Wood Deck Cleaner (Part 1) and Brightener (Part 2) remove dirt and greying in preparation for re-oiling and applying finishes such as Ipe Oil®. These concentrated powders are formulated specially to cleanse and brighten exterior wood decks, wood fences, patios, terraces, wood siding, benches, chairs, and other outdoor wood items.

Approximate Coverage per 16 oz jar*

Smooth Wood: 600 ft2 (55 m2) / 16 oz

*Coverage on dense hardwoods


DeckWise® Wood Deck Cleaner removes dirt and graying, and is a preparation for re-oiling and applying wood oil finishes.

Making certain to clean your wood prior to the application of a high-quality hardwood oil finish allows the oil finish to bring out the proper beauty of the wood’s natural grain patterns.

DeckWise® Brightener is an oxygenated hardwood brightener that contains the active ingredient Oxalic Acid and is also a pH neutralizer. The brightener will re-establish the pH level regarding your hardwood which causes it to become neutrally balanced and ready for oiling or staining. Once neutral, hardwoods are ready to accept the stain or oil finish more evenly and that will certainly increase the lifetime of the finish.