• Wood Briquettes

    Excelsior Wood Briquettes are made from 100% compressed kiln dried sawdust, a recycled byproduct of our manufacturing process. The briquettes are made from wood only. There are zero additives, zero chemicals, and no pressure treated products included. It’s just wood!

    Each briquette measures approximately 2-1/2″ x 4″ x 6″. They are packed for easy storage and loading. This size makes them a perfect fit for most indoor stoves and fireplaces. The uniform size along with their high density gives the briquettes a predictable burn time, resulting in less loading and more relaxing..

    Benefits include lower moisture levels than firewood, decreased creosote and ash, as well as the elimination of insects that infest firewood, plus no splitting… Generally, there is simply less mess and fewer backaches.

    1 Ton – $235
    2 Tons – $470
    3 Tons – $705
    4 Tons – $800

    Delivery (up to 15 miles) $75
    Delivery (over 15 miles) $4 per mile
    Shop pickup available

    This is a very popular product and is not always available.
    Please request a quote for availability.

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