• Deckfast® Fascia Tool

    The Deckfast Fascia Tool is a pre-drilling tool that creates an over-sized hole for the Fascia Screw. It is important to create an over-sized hole so the board can expand and contract freely without applying significant force to the shank of the screw. Fascia Screws are available in both Headcote stainless steel and epoxy coated carbon steel, in colors to match popular decking products. The Fascia System is designed for use with 1/2” to 3/4” fascia profiles.

    The Deckfast Fascia System is the ultimate fastening solution for PVC and composite deck fascia boards. It is recommended by Trex, Duralife and other leading manufacturers. The Fascia System is specifically designed to handle the large amount of expansion and contraction that can occur with many fascia boards, keeping them securely in place.

    The system consists of two precisely engineered components: (1) the pre-drilling and countersinking Fascia Tool, based on patented Smart-Bit technology, and (2) specially-designed color matched Fascia Screws.

    $20.00 /20.00
  • ExoDek QuickClip


    The only hidden deck fasteners that allow wood to expand and contract naturally, Nova’s ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Fastener Deck Clip System comes in 4/4 (for use with 1×4 and 1×6 nominal decking) and 5/4 (for use with 5/4×4 and 5/4×6 with groove centered in height, as well as 2×4 and 2×6 with groove offset towards bottom face).

    Lifetime Warranty

    ExoDek QuickClip hidden deck fasteners have a limited lifetime warranty subject to certain terms and conditions. Please see www.novausawood.com for details on warranty and registration.

    Installation instructions for the ExoDek QuickClip hidden deck fasteners and the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the wood decking itself must be followed for the warranty to be valid.

    Be sure to allow for adequate ventilation underneath your deck and follow all manufacturer’s instructions, including finishing your deck with an appropriate penetrating oil wood finish.

    $139.00 /$139.00
  • ExoShield Premium Stain

    ExoShield wood stain offers superior protection for exterior wood applications such as decking, siding and outdoor furniture. It allows the natural beauty of the wood to be the focus of attention while protecting your investment. Nova uses a proprietary blend of Tung Oil, UV Blockers, Fungicide, and Trans-oxide pigments, our ExoShield formula provides long-lasting protection for exterior wood decking, siding & outdoor furniture while using only the finest marine grade components. Our own installation guides for exterior hardwood decking & siding require that you use an oil-based deck stain, which is why we are proud to offer the very best exterior wood oil stain on the market.

    $125.00 /125.00
  • Headcote® 305 Stainless Steal Screws

    Stainless Steel Screws with Color Coated Heads for Hardwood, Cedar, Redwood and Pressure Treated Decking

    Headcote® 305  screws are designed to blend with all types of wood decking, including cedar, ipe, and red balau. These premium quality deck screws feature extra deep star drive recesses,Type 17 auger tips, trim heads or reinforced flat heads,and are stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.


    Starborn Industries PRO PLUG® SYSTEM for WOOD  allows you to simply drill, screw and plug your hardwood deck. It all takes just a few seconds per plug!

    •  Plugs are made from actual face grain wood material, so they match perfectly, with many species to choose from.
    • The patented Pro Plug Glue Nozzle coats the side of the hole for maximum holding power (glue not included).
    • Plug Tool for Wood (sold separately) counterbores to perfectly match the system’s screws and plugs
    • The Pro Plug Tool is needed for installation and is not included. Add it on below.



  • PRO PLUG® SYSTEM Replacement Bits

    Replacement Bits are used with the PRO PLUG® SYSTEM tool to create a perfect hole by pre-drilling and counterboring to perfectly match the shape of the system’s screws and plugs. Quantity of 5 replacement bits. For use with decking materials between 3/4″ and 1-1/4″ thick.

    $18.00 /18.00
  • Pro Plug® Tool

    Pro Plug Tool for Wood: The patented tool pre-drills and counterbores to perfectly match the system’s screws and plugs.

  • Smart-Bit® Depth Setter

    Driving Tool for Setting Screws to the Perfect Depth

    Smart-Bit® Deck Screw Depth Setter is designed to make fastening decks, drywall, and general screw setting easier and faster, with clean and uniform results: perfectly set screws every time. The tool is adjustable so that it can be used with many different screw types and sizes, and features an Auto-Stop™ mechanism that sets the screw at the target depth without stripping the screw recess. A free-spinning stop collar with rubber O-ring protects the work surface from damage or marking.

    The Depth Setter works with both Phillips® and Torx® bits and is designed for use with a full range of Starborn fasteners. The Depth Setter also works well with other fastener products.

    $18.00 /18.00
  • Smart-Bit® Tool

    Smart-Bit® Pre-drilling and Countersinking Tool for Decks and Woodworking

    For use with hardwoods and matching Headcote® and Deckfast® Stainless Screws


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