Make cool stuff. Make you happy.

Be honest. Be kind. Be ethical. Be responsible. Be human.

Respect our home planet.

Have fun. Give back. Do our best.

Eat cookies.

Honesty, integrity, and respect are just some of the core values that comprise the foundation of Excelsior Wood Products. Our focus is on the relationships we build when doing business with our neighbors. Open and honest communication with our customers is a priority. We take pride in fulfilling the needs of our customers with hand-picked superior products and friendly customer service. This is evident, in the quality of custom-made products that we manufacture. The owner and manufacturing staff of Excelsior Wood Products possess a vast range of experience in both the woodworking and manufacturing industries.

Our knowledge and passion for our trade are exceeded only by our quest to make quality products that consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. That’s why we have built relationships over the years and do business with timber growers and sawyers who share our values and adhere to sustainable forestry practices. We believe in our core values and believe that by doing so we will continue to live up to our name.

Excelsior: Ever Upward.