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Craftsmanone who creates or performs with skill or dexterity especially in the manual arts.

Our creative customers reach out with their ideas and our craftsmen make them a reality.

We provide our customers with personalized collaborative service.

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Live Edge Walnut Benches

Just take a look at these gorgeous live edge black walnut topped benches. The simple chunky legs were stained to match, but [...]

That’s a Wrap… Beam Wrap… That Is!

Something hanging around on your ceiling you'd rather not look at? Cover it up with a beam wrap... like a hat on [...]


"Hey there gorgeous kitchen! You are looking very chic with all of your shiny tile, cool colors and stainless steel." "What's that [...]

Meaningful Mantles

A fireplace mantel is not just an important piece for your home aesthetically. Yes, it can help to set a tone and [...]

Let’s Shelf it!

You have stuff. Perhaps your autographed framed print of Barry Manilow needs a permanent home. I know mine does! Put your stuff [...]

Comforts of Home

Wood is both natural and nurturing. This home is filled with the love of wood. It welcomes you from the moment you [...]