What is Mushroom Wood Anyway?!

What is mushroom wood?

Used originally to line the boxes of mushroom crops, Mushroom Wood is derived from wooden boards (similar to the ones below) salvaged and repurposed into some spectacular wood products.

Mushroom Farm (image credit: Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm /http://www.sgsystemsusa.com/pti-labeling-solution/ )

But what is it about mushrooms (or fungi as some prefer) that cause the unique features of this wood?!

The Story…

Fungiculture (the art of growing mushrooms) can be a lengthy process, covering six different stages from composting to harvesting. Mushrooms are not plants, therefore, they do go through the cycle of photosynthesis. Where sunlight is essential for photosynthesis to occur, a moist climate is necessary for fungi to grow and thrive.

Because of the climate limitations, materials used for this practice must be able to withstand high levels of acidity, moisture, and heat to produce a successful mushroom crop. Enter…Cypress and Hemlock!


Cypress and Hemlock are two species that stand up to the challenge of mushroom farming. These materials fare well in environments with high humidity and are durable enough to withstand the optimal time needed for the fungi growing process.

During the mushrooms’ growth cycle, the boards are exposed to an abundance of acidity and water released from the compost. These enzymes devour the soft fibers in the wood, leaving only the tough, durable wood behind.

The initial result of the boards living in the mushroom hot box is (for a lack of a better word)…

A piece of wood that has been through the wringer.

(This is what the reclaimed wood looks like before we do our thang..)

However, after some tender love and Excelsior care, this piece of wood is transformed into…

… this beautiful rustic material! Much better.

The erosion of the soft fiber in the wood raises the grain, resulting in a truly unique texture. Once the boards are cleaned and milled (carefully), they can take on a whole new life outside of the mushroom farm.

Upcycling materials that would generally have been thrown away, we take pride in this sustainable product. Reclaimed, untreated wood can be hard to find; Mushroom Wood fits the bid for both.

The light-weight characteristic of this wood, in conjunction with its’ natural resistance to moisture, makes for a versatile product we have used in a number of projects around the shop.

Coated or raw, this material has an ancient beauty not easily achieved by other milling processes.

From rustic doors and custom framing to siding and paneling, reclaimed Mushroom Wood is a dependable, stunning product, perfect for your rustic dream home decor.

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Shiplap – The Sweet Heart of the Design World

Why has this design element created a Beetlemania like fervor? And what exactly is it? Generally, when people think of shiplap they conjure up images of white painted wall paneling.

Technically shiplap refers only to the shape we mill the wood into. 

Like this:

You can also leave a “nickel gap” for a shadow line.

Shiplap can be milled in any wood species in any reasonable dimensions. It can be primed and painted or stained and oiled. It can be made from new or reclaimed wood. It can be milled smooth or rough.

You can install it horizontally…

(draws the eye from left to right, creating a wider feeling area)

This is the classic look of white shiplap.

Or vertically…

(giving the illusion  of higher ceilings)

A little more of a modern edge.

image: plankandpillow.com

Or diagonally….

Cha cha cha



What I appreciate so much about simple white painted shiplap is that it gives some interest to what would likely be a boring ‘ol sheetrocked wall.

It adds a subtle striped appearance along with some warmth and character from the wood grain peeking through.

Or maybe you want a rustic look. The texture and warmth of wood really adds character.

Use a variety of colors like Savona’s Restaurant on the strand in Kingston, NY.

Plus, it’s economical (if you choose knotty pine) and very versatile. (size of gap, specie, dimensions, grade, stain, paint, texture, etc.)

Woodstock Way Hotel chose an aged look for the shiplap that adorns its walls in keeping with its sustainable and conscious design.

I love that shiplap works in so many types of spaces: rustic, modern, transitional, man caves, treehouses. 

I definitely think it deserves the hype! 


Savona’s Trattoria

Savona’s Trattoria, located on Broadway in the Historic Kingston Waterfront District, has just remodeled their interior space and it looks gorgeous!

They chose to clad their walls in our Eastern White Pine interior paneling.

The colors used on the paneling were a custom blend and really pick up the warm shades from the tile behind the bar and the beautiful artwork displayed on the walls.

This product is responsibly harvested and properly kiln dried for interior use. It’s rustic, natural and reclaimed inspired. It’s also very easy to work with and readily available.

Another unique feature is that one side is bandsawn on one side circle sawn, so it’s flippable. Eastern white pine is versatile and budget friendly… If you are looking for a rustic yet modern vibe then this is a great option.

Use this product for accent walls, ceilings, paneling, headboards, wall art and more. We would love to work with you and your budget to get the look you want. We can stain, paint or white wash this stuff right here at Excelsior in a color of your choosing. Get ready to liven up your space!

Buon Appetito!

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This Saugerties home tucked in the mountains. So many of our favorites materials come together in this eclectic house, with our customer’s beautiful decor accenting each piece. From walnut flooring and staircases to reclaimed oak barn doors and cabinets, we had a blast photographing each room.

The reclaimed water tower cedar ceilings were stunning, while the whitewashed version on the first floor ceilings and balcony created great texture. Live edge slabs on bars, tables, and walls are scattered throughout the rooms. Rift and quartered white oak moldings border every room, window, and door! Dead standing maple paneling creates a modern feel in the kitchen and entryway to showcase our customer’s art collection. You have to take a look.