Welcome to Our New Showroom

Welcome to Our New Showroom



Open your doors and your windows: Let’s welcome in the sunshine and spirit of Spring!

This year spring is going to be awesome. We are excited and we want to share that energy with you.

We are finally prepared to open our doors and windows and present our recently updated showroom.

It took us some time to find out what it would take to change the look of our showroom to make it work better.

And we are now at a point where we can proudly say we are happy with a really inviting place that serves for information gathering, some education, a meeting place to talk about your project over a cup of coffee and of course a place to see many of our samples of wood.

Do you feel the energy radiating from the warmer spring weather, too? Do you want to get those projects started that you’ve been dreaming of all winter?


Whether you want to start with an exterior project because you can already see yourself sitting on that deck you envisioned, or you really want to increase the value of your house by getting the new siding done that you’ve needed for years, we have fabulous options available.


Our EXTERIOR SECTION in our showroom has many samples for you to choose from. You’ll be able to find a solution for every taste and every budget.

Make sure the DECKING you get is the perfect wood for you. Do you want it to last long and just look absolutley beautiful? We have some gorgeous options that will make you never want to leave your deck again. Have a look for yourself!



Find the right SIDING for your home. Different species, different profiles are here to see, touch and choose from. Siding is much more than a pleasing facade.


And did you know, that getting the right protection (COATING) on your wood makes your exterior project even more attractive and last so much longer? So, don’t skip that. We can help you get it done right here at Excelsior.


And what about freshening up the INTERIOR of your house and dusting off those winter blahs? Go ahead and give it the new FLOORING or PANELING you’ve been waiting so long for.


Need inspiration or are still too undecided to make decisions? Good! Let us help you here! We have much more to offer than just some sample boards in our showroom. We also offer many more products and services and are happy to help you get a clearer idea of where you want to go.

Let’s sit down, grab a cup of coffee and figure it out.

Savona’s Trattoria

Savona’s Trattoria, located on Broadway in the Historic Kingston Waterfront District, has just remodeled their interior space and it looks gorgeous!

They chose to clad their walls in our Eastern White Pine interior paneling.

The colors used on the paneling were a custom blend and really pick up the warm shades from the tile behind the bar and the beautiful artwork displayed on the walls.

This product is responsibly harvested and properly kiln dried for interior use. It’s rustic, natural and reclaimed inspired. It’s also very easy to work with and readily available.

Another unique feature is that one side is bandsawn on one side circle sawn, so it’s flippable. Eastern white pine is versatile and budget friendly… If you are looking for a rustic yet modern vibe then this is a great option.

Use this product for accent walls, ceilings, paneling, headboards, wall art and more. We would love to work with you and your budget to get the look you want. We can stain, paint or white wash this stuff right here at Excelsior in a color of your choosing. Get ready to liven up your space!

Buon Appetito!


This Saugerties home tucked in the mountains was featured as our April Project Highlight titled Excelsior Paradise, and boy is it ever. So many of our favorites materials come together in this eclectic house, with our customer’s beautiful decor accenting each piece. From walnut flooring and staircases to reclaimed oak barn doors and cabinets, we had a blast photographing each room.

The reclaimed water tower cedar ceilings were stunning, while the white washed version on the first floor ceilings and balcony created great texture. Live edge slabs on bars, tables, and walls are scattered throughout the rooms. Rift and quartered white oak mouldings border every room, window, and door! Dead standing maple paneling creates a modern feel in the kitchen and entryway to showcase our customer’s art collection. You have to take a look.

Project of the Month: Saugerties Mountain Home

Project of the Month: Saugerties Mountain Home

This month’s project highlight was tough to put together… because there is too much awesomeness to show!

This Saugerties home was one of the most enjoyable projects for Excelsior to date, from start to finish. Though the house is large, this customer’s amazing sense of style warms the home, giving it a cozy and inviting feel. Our favorite part? You can see Excelsior products in every corner!

Working alongside some of the best in the business, Excelsior was able to jump full force into this project in both fabricating finished products and providing raw materials for custom creations.

As you stroll through this home (drooling with envy) you can see a number of different Excelsior products…

Walnut flooring and Dead Standing Maple Slab bar top.

Walnut stair treads sanded and oiled super smooth.

Reclaimed Whitewashed Oak paneling used for cabinets…

…a dreamy countertop view.

Reclaimed water tower Alaskan Yellow Cedar paneling in a whitewash finish can be seen boarding the balcony and on the first floor ceilings…

…while old face Reclaimed Alaskan Yellow Cedar paneling kisses the skies.


Dead Standing Maple paneling can be seen in the entry ways and by the kitchen. A perfect background for this customer’s unique design and art decor.

A huge Reclaimed Oak media door is handcrafted by Excelsior.

As for the other doors in the home, we were happy to help compliment our partner’s sleek pieces.

In fact, all of the beautiful Rift and Quartered moldings and trim stretching through the home were milled and provided by Excelsior!

Live edge slabs, such as this Spalted Maple slab, can be seen enhancing furniture pieces…

…and serving as furniture pieces, like this Walnut beauty!

In the center of the home is a large beam, you can’t miss it! This beam is over 100 years old and was found on the property prior to construction. The beam stretches through every floor of the house and serves as a structural piece of history in the home.

Overall, this is just a sneak peek of the photos we were able to take of this unique home. Look out for more to come on this project, to be featured in our Portfolio: https://excelsiorwood.com/portfolio/index

Big thanks to all who partnered with us on this adventure, check out their sites below!

Black Oak Builders:http://blackoakbuilt.com/

Bob Brown Construction:http://precisionconcretestructures.com/home/2222710

Rowan Woodworking:https://www.rowanwoodwork.com/

For the love of wood…

Is mushroom wood made from mushrooms?!

A question we are often asked when customers are introduced to this rare wood product…Is it REALLY made from mushrooms?  Our answer…technically, yes!

The features that set Mushroom Wood apart from other reclaimed products, such as its’ unique texture and prominent raised grain pattern, are indeed the effects of growing mushrooms!

Used originally to line the boxes of mushroom crops, Mushroom Wood is derived from wooden boards (similar to the ones below) salvaged and repurposed into some spectacular wood products.

Mushroom Farm (image credit: Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm/http://www.sgsystemsusa.com/pti-labeling-solution/ )

But what is it about mushrooms (or fungi as some prefer) that cause the unique features of this wood?!

The Story…

Fungiculture (the art of growing mushrooms) can be a lengthy process, covering six different stages from composting to harvesting. Mushrooms are not plants, therefore, they do go through the cycle of photosynthesis. Where sunlight is essential for photosynthesis to occur, a moist climate is necessary for fungi to grow and thrive.

Because of the climate limitations, materials used for this practice must be able to withstand high levels of acidity, moisture, and heat to produce a successful mushroom crop. Enter…Cypress and Hemlock!

Cypress Tree Tunnel (image credit: Joe Parks/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/parksjd/9002072932 )

Cypress and Hemlock are two species that stand up to the challenge of mushroom farming. These materials fare well in environments with high humidity and are durable enough to withstand the optimal time needed for the fungi growing process (2-3 months or more!)

During the mushrooms’ growth cycle, the boards are exposed to an abundance of acidity and water released from the compost. These enzymes devour the soft fibers in the wood, leaving only the tough, durable wood behind.

The initial result of the boards living in the mushroom hot box is (for a lack of a better word)…

…a nasty piece of wood! Yuck.

However, after some tender love and Excelsior care, this piece of wood is transformed into…


… this beautiful rustic material! Much better.

The erosion of the soft fiber in the wood raises the grain, resulting in a truly unique texture. Once the boards are cleaned and milled (carefully), they can take on a whole new life outside of the mushroom farm.

Upcycling materials that would generally have been thrown away, we take pride in this sustainable product. Reclaimed, untreated wood can be hard to find; Mushroom Wood fits the bid for both.

The light-weight characteristic of this wood, in conjunction with its’ natural resistance to moisture, makes for a versatile product we have used in a number of projects around the shop.

Coated or raw, this material has an ancient beauty not easily achieved by other milling processes.

From rustic doors and custom  framing to siding and paneling, reclaimed Mushroom Wood is a dependable, stunning product, perfect for your rustic dream home decor.

For the love of wood…

Reclaimed Redwood for Exterior Solutions

Reclaimed Redwood for Exterior Solutions

If you are looking for a unique exterior product to bring character to your home, Reclaimed Redwood may be your solution. Our redwood is reclaimed from the iconic New York City water towers. These legendary structures have dotted the skylines of the city since the 1800’s. Built to be durable and clean, each tank was held together solely by steel straps to eliminate any possibility of adhesive impurities from leaking into the drinking water. Beginning as a clever method of accessing water on the top floors of the skyscrapers, these towers have proven to be far more resilient than the expected 40 year lifespan.

Material harvested from dismantled tanks is straightened and reused in a number of our favorite exterior projects. Redwood has a fantastic reputation of being resistant to water, rot, and insects, making it perfectly suitable for decking and siding material. We can mill this product into T&G, shiplap, pre-grooved decking, and more. With the choice to maintain a grey exterior patina, or to plane into a new amber colored vertical grain, you cannot go wrong with the historical beauty this redwood will bring to your home.


Extreme Makeover Home Edition

We were absolutely blessed to be a part of Extreme Makeover’s Home Edition benefiting the Korpai family in Crawford, NY. We felt so grateful to be a part of this. The enthusiasm of the Extreme Makeover staff, the magnitude of the project and the generous spirit of the collective group of volunteers were inspiring.

 So, we gave about 1000 SF of antique heart pine (reclaimed from the Revere Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn, NY), about 400 ft of wood reclaimed from the Coney Island Boardwalk, 200 square foot of reclaimed oak and another 200 square foot of reclaimed mushroom wood. We donated the material and our production guys donated their time and labor to mill the material.