Siding: More Than Just a Pretty Coat

As we head into the warm months of summer, an annual inspection to see how your home withstood the harsh winter conditions is something any homeowner should do. Check the garage, the porch and most importantly your house. If your siding has seen better days… And if painting it will only be a short term cover-up…

…then you should consider replacing your homes protective layer (your siding) because we all know that siding is more than just a pretty winter coat.

When looking for new siding, the problem you face is simple. Siding is supposed to protect your home from the outside! It has to withstand the harsh conditions here in our area. It gets rained on, snowed on (sometimes with a crazy 30 inches or more) during those harsh winter storms, it has to hold its ground against sleet and sometimes even hail. The sun also burns down on it during our hot and humid summers.

Why do people want siding that tries to imitate the look of wood instead of using the real deal? The timeless, classic look, smell, and texture of real wood just feels right. As we come full circle and see the need to be eco-conscious making “greener choices” helps us to live healthier. Wood is the perfect ecologically friendly type of siding.

A huge advantage of wood is that it is readily available and can be installed quickly. Another one is that wood siding is easily replaced if it becomes damaged. With wood, homeowners could take care of repairs themselves, saving time and money. Wood can easily transform your home and can be painted or stained almost any color. It should be painted, stained or varnished on every side (not just the side facing out) to protect it from the elements and from insects too. Insect and water damage are two of the largest disadvantages of wood, but these problems can be overcome by good maintenance and the homeowner’s choice of wood.

Therefore, we would like to point to WESTERN RED CEDAR (WRC) as an exceptional choice for exterior siding. WRC is super lightweight, easy to work with, and it is naturally resistant to moisture, decay and insect damage. Yes, this type of wood is eco-friendly, decay-resistant and offers natural protection against the weather. Insects find certain chemicals naturally present in Cedar to be distasteful. And when maintained properly, this product has excellent longevity.

Western Red Cedar has a beautiful warm grain and the ability to take a variety of coatings (stains, primers, and topcoats). One tip to protect your wood is to prime and coat it the first time prior to installing it. Make sure you follow the instructions for the application because applying it under conditions that are not preferable may cause problems with the coating. At Excelsior, we can provide you with the wood and even better, we can coat it for you to a factory finish, ready for installation. All under one roof.

So, do it right, make your decision to go with natural wood and you will not only get the look you want, but you will feel good knowing you are being eco-friendly while giving your home the protection it needs.

Most of us have a limiting factor: the price point. Excelsior has other options that are more budget friendly. If you want real wood and have a tighter budget than WRC will allow, let us show you some of the other options available.

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Women of Excelsior

Women of Excelsior

During WWII, women flooded the manufacturing business to fill necessary labor duties for the men who left home for the battlefields. After the war, most women returned to their previous lives, either working jobs ‘more suitable’ for women or staying home to raise their families.

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Today, those who are not as familiar with the manufacturing business may not realize that women’s presence is as strong as ever. Labor roles, generally given to men, are becoming more gender neutral; Excelsior is no exception.

In this feature, we wanted to highlight all of the wonderful women in our shop. From production to advertising, project management to sales, women of Excelsior have earned their place in a blue collar business predominantly run by men for centuries.

With more women on staff than ever before, the balance of women working alongside men at Excelsior has done nothing but bring up shop morale and enhance employee’s strengths. In fields where one sex tends to dominate, sometimes it is not enough to have different personality types of the same sex; sometimes an equal mix of men and women is necessary to ensure success.

But Excelsior does not just have women in our shop… we have extraordinary women.

Our women are creative…

…and adventurous.

They are fun spirited…

…and multi-talented.

They play superheroes in the office…

… and in the community.

They juggle various titles…

…and tiny-toes.

They take the time to create beauty…

… while never missing a moment to appreciate it.

Every day we tip our hats to all the Excelsior women, who God bless them, wear so many of their own.

For the love of wood…

Reclaimed Redwood for Exterior Solutions

Reclaimed Redwood for Exterior Solutions

If you are looking for a unique exterior product to bring character to your home, Reclaimed Redwood may be your solution. Our redwood is reclaimed from the iconic New York City water towers. These legendary structures have dotted the skylines of the city since the 1800’s. Built to be durable and clean, each tank was held together solely by steel straps to eliminate any possibility of adhesive impurities from leaking into the drinking water. Beginning as a clever method of accessing water on the top floors of the skyscrapers, these towers have proven to be far more resilient than the expected 40 year lifespan.

Material harvested from dismantled tanks is straightened and reused in a number of our favorite exterior projects. Redwood has a fantastic reputation of being resistant to water, rot, and insects, making it perfectly suitable for decking and siding material. We can mill this product into T&G, shiplap, pre-grooved decking, and more. With the choice to maintain a grey exterior patina, or to plane into a new amber colored vertical grain, you cannot go wrong with the historical beauty this redwood will bring to your home.


Our customers say it best

Owning a home in Woodstock, I was looking for something unique that would fit into my cottage. I searched on the Internet for a dining room table but they were all so common, too formal for me. A friend recommended I check out Excelsior Wood Products on Sawkill Road.

I was greeted by Christina Sauer, a most vivacious young woman who guided me through the process. Mind you, there was no sales pressure, no ‘make up your mind NOW’; she seem to know what I was looking for to complete my cottage dining room. She showed me the different types of wood and then after carefully choosing my soon-to-be table, we chalked out the slab of black walnut. Christina would call me every few days to keep me in touch with the progress of the table and finally, I got to see the beautiful craftsmanship of THE table. I cried the first time I saw it…never saw such a beautiful piece of nature! She introduced me to the man who took that raw slab of wood and made it a place I will break bread with family & friends.

I can’t talk enough about the professionalism and the perfectionism I was exposed to. Many thanks to all who will saw my vision and made it happen. I am sure to be back for more unique pieces of nature.

Alice K Lotosky Woodstock, NY