Women of Excelsior

Women of Excelsior

During WWII, women flooded the manufacturing business to fill necessary labor duties for the men who left home for the battlefields. After the war, most women returned to their previous lives, either working jobs ‘more suitable’ for women or staying home to raise their families.

(image credit:http://www.mylearning.org/women-at-war-the-role-of-women-during-wwii/images/1-4670/ )

Today, those who are not as familiar with the manufacturing business may not realize that women’s presence is as strong as ever. Labor roles, generally given to men, are becoming more gender neutral; Excelsior is no exception.

In this feature, we wanted to highlight all of the wonderful women in our shop. From production to advertising, project management to sales, women of Excelsior have earned their place in a blue collar business predominantly run by men for centuries.

With more women on staff than ever before, the balance of women working alongside men at Excelsior has done nothing but bring up shop morale and enhance employee’s strengths. In fields where one sex tends to dominate, sometimes it is not enough to have different personality types of the same sex; sometimes an equal mix of men and women is necessary to ensure success.

But Excelsior does not just have women in our shop… we have extraordinary women.

Our women are creative…

…and adventurous.

They are fun spirited…

…and multi-talented.

They play superheroes in the office…

… and in the community.

They juggle various titles…

…and tiny-toes.

They take the time to create beauty…

… while never missing a moment to appreciate it.

Every day we tip our hats to all the Excelsior women, who God bless them, wear so many of their own.

For the love of wood…

Reclaimed Redwood for Exterior Solutions

Reclaimed Redwood for Exterior Solutions

If you are looking for a unique exterior product to bring character to your home, Reclaimed Redwood may be your solution. Our redwood is reclaimed from the iconic New York City water towers. These legendary structures have dotted the skylines of the city since the 1800’s. Built to be durable and clean, each tank was held together solely by steel straps to eliminate any possibility of adhesive impurities from leaking into the drinking water. Beginning as a clever method of accessing water on the top floors of the skyscrapers, these towers have proven to be far more resilient than the expected 40 year lifespan.

Material harvested from dismantled tanks is straightened and reused in a number of our favorite exterior projects. Redwood has a fantastic reputation of being resistant to water, rot, and insects, making it perfectly suitable for decking and siding material. We can mill this product into T&G, shiplap, pre-grooved decking, and more. With the choice to maintain a grey exterior patina, or to plane into a new amber colored vertical grain, you cannot go wrong with the historical beauty this redwood will bring to your home.