We visited one of our favorite clients and snapped some shots of their beautiful Hudson Valley home. It always makes our job easier when working with people that have such an eye for design.



The flooring in this home is custom milled rift and quartered white oak. It suits this home perfectly. Rift and quartered oak is a highly valued material because of its durabilty, stability, and it’s ability to take a variety of coatings beautifully. The natural grain patterns are just stunning!


Treads. Risers. Stringers. oh my!

This home is a gallery of art and the custom made with rift oak stairs stands on its own. You can really see the beautiful grain pattern in these close shots of the detailed craftsmanship. Although rift and quartered oak is most often used in formal settings you can see that it has a modern vibe paired with the metal rail system and vibrant colored pieces throughout this eclectic space.

We mill stair parts often and can match or complement your existing flooring.

You can choose new or reclaimed wood in the specie and grade of your choice; custom coating options and extra thick treads for open staircases, as well as standard sizes.

Not only is this a place to store wine, this wine cellar is lovely enough to pop a cork and do a little wine tasting.  The built in wine cellar shelving was custom made from Spanish Cedar.

Thanks for coming along our our visit!


The breathtaking view to the Hudson River isn’t the only gorgeous feature of this home.

Excelsior custom milled wide plank flooring and stair parts (select grade hard white maple)  lay the foundation for the owners minimal, clean yet fun vibe.


Select White Maple has a light, airy, clean feel. This product features fine, delicate grain and a consistent appearance. With a high-end sleek appearance, Select White Maple is a superb choice for modern design applications.

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