Treehouse Project

Check out his treehouse project!

Ascend into the illumination of autumn and relax in the treetops.

The owners chose Ipe decking to build the treehouse deck with. Ipe decking is one of the most desired decking materials on the market. It’s no wonder they chose this species as it takes the prize in durability and lifespan.

Built by Rightway Builders- find them on Instagram @rightway_builders

Excited as the Tin Man!

We are now offering ExoShield.

We’ve tried a number of different coatings on tropical hardwoods which provide special challenges due to their extreme density. We’ve found this to be among the better options.

ExoShield Exterior Oil Finish was developed specifically for hardwoods like Ipe and Red Balau/Batu, but can be used on any species.

Tung oil was chosen for its track record. It’s been widely used for thousands of years originally in China and Egypt for boat building. Tung oil penetrates. It’s durable and water-resistant.
Trans Oxide pigments are included for their

  • beautiful color
  • high durability
  • weather-fastness
  • UV protection
  • non-toxicity
  • Fungicide

  • Additional high-grade UV blockers
  • Marine-grade components
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Increases stability of wood products
  • Great colors


Excelsior can make your life easier by applying this for you. We like to lightly wire brush the face of the boards to clean, beautify, and open up the grain for better absorption. Then, we apply the ExoShield, let it sit, and penetrate for 24 hours minimum before wiping off the excess. We coat all sides in our climate-controlled environment, as recommended. All sides should be coated. This helps reduce moisture absorption into an un-coated back.

An un-coated back can result in more moisture absorption into the back of the board than into the top of the board.

The back of the board then expands resulting in cupping.

We can provide ExoShield for your DIY projects.

Just give us a jingle.



Another reason we’re excited…One Coat Coverage: Hardwood: 600 to 800 SF Softwood: 400 to 600 SF AND it’s MADE IN THE USA! 

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Red Balau Deck

Project Highlight – Red Balau Deck

Ahh…Outdoor living!



This deck is a beauty. Warm Red Balau decking. Railings with diamond details.

It is a perfect example of expanding a home for more living space.

The homeowners eat their meals outside on this beautifully crafted deck

while enjoying their own little slice of nature.

Whether it’s party time or quiet time this deck fits the bill.

There’s just something about open sky and nature…

Here are the ingredients to help you reproduce this project:

Red Balau Decking

Ipe Clip® ExtremeKD® Fastener Kit

Exoshield Premium Outdoor Stain

Just wanted to share this beautiful deck with you all and let you know about all the new products we offer to help you get the deck you’ve been dreaming about.

Built by our friend Dave Cavagnola. He is a true craftsman and has such an eye for detail!

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Deck with a View

Now that summer is here…at least on the calendar. It’s time to get out on your deck. This deck was built by the homeowners. They decided to tackle this project themselves.



They used one of our favorite decking materials, Red Balau. It is favored by many because of its unique elegance and its affordable price. Red Balau is a product most recommended for decking and exterior uses. Offering superior qualities, such as natural resistance to rot and decay, this product stands the test of harsh weather conditions.


The deck is surrounding a beautiful pool perfect for enjoying the sun on your face with a drink in hand, lemonade with the kids or a cocktail with friends, a family BBQ, or just relaxing…


We always recommend applying coatings on decking for protection.

Update: We are now using ExoShield wood stain which offers superior protection for exterior wood applications such as decking, siding and outdoor furniture. It is marine grade, low VOC and long-lasting.


We love helping our customers get the deck of their dreams and now have another way to help…

Let us help you put together a package that includes the decking (stained and protected on all sides), clips, and screws so you can get that deck you’ve been dreaming about done this summer!

Check out our online store, give us a call or stop by to see the products we now carry to help you build the deck of your dreams!

And congratulations to our customer on a job well done! Enjoy the summer on that fabulous deck!