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One of the great experiences in living a human life is sitting down to a great meal with your favorite people. You’ll have to do the cooking (or pick up a bucket of chicken), but we can make the table.

We have crafted single tables for homes…

…and multiples for restaurants.

We can make the whole table: wood base and top, but if you’d like to supply your own base we can just make the top (and attach it, if you’d like).

We have rustic, reclaimed, contemporary, and organic live edge options. We can use just about any wood species in any grade that is available to us.

Often, our customers send us inspiration images of table designs they like or textures and colors that inspire them. Then we work through the details as the vision comes together.

Aside from the fun part, of determining how you’d like your table to look, here are some general guidelines on how to figure what size table may work best based on your unique needs:

  • number of guests: to sit comfortably it is recommended that each guest has 24” – 30” width and 15″ – 18” depth
  • width:
    28” – 30” offers no serving space (settings only)
    36” offers room for a little décor or some serving space, for example, candles and wine
    42” is comfortable for family-style serving
    48” and over can be hard to pass across
    54” is for formal dining

If you’d like seating on the ends it is recommended to add 15” – 18” to the length.

  • height:
    standard table height is 30” total
    counter height is 34” – 36” (good for bar stools)
    Please consider that a chair seat is usually about 18” high.
    Also, 7” of vertical space between the chair seat and the tabletop is typical.

Be sure to consider the width of your chairs to be sure they will fit.

To easily move around the table a minimum of 36” is recommended, 42” – 48” is even better.

There are options on protective coatings. Polyurethane offers the most durability. Stains affect the color of the wood.  VOC-free oils are natural and beautiful but do require a bit of maintenance and care.

We do make benches, but not chairs, as well as other kinds of tables, like coffee tables and conference tables.

A custom table made by Excelsior is a beautiful, durable, investment piece that could become a family heirloom. We would be delighted to help make your home and meals extra special.

Check out a few of the restaurants we've worked with!

Spalted Maple Tables

Tables for La Cabañita

Colony Tables

La Cabañita Authentic Mexican Cuisine

We’d really like to share a project with you that we recently worked on with one of our customers.

Our friends at “La Cabañita” in Poughkeepsie have moved into an awesome new space.


It’s an old church with cathedral ceilings, warm inviting colors, and a fun and family-friendly atmosphere. You have to see it for yourself.



Our customers reached out to us with their creative ideas and we made them a reality.

Chis, a craftsman in our custom fabrication department, crafted this large table with walnut.

Adding butterfly joints to the book-matched tabletop technically keep the cracks from splitting further.

But hey… let’s face it, they are there for the looks.

Aesthetically they really set off the piece and add that little bit of character.

So, whether you call it a  Butterfly Joint, Dovetail Key, Dutchmen, or Bow Tie

they’re a true bit of craftsmanship that add interest and keep those cracks in place.



We ❤️ working with local restaurants to help them get the look they want in their new space.

And “La Cabañita” really did a fantastic job putting it all together.

These traditional butcher block tables were made for especially for La Cabañita.


The large windows in the restaurant bring in lots of natural light and the plants on the

ledge are flourishing, leading to a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

So Grab a few of your amigos and Go join them for lunch or dinner.

Their Grand Re-Opening is this weekend December 7-9, 2018.

763 Main Street
Poughkeepsie, New York

Check them out on Facebook.

  buen provecho

Are you looking for something different for your restaurant, office or store? Do you have a commercial space in need of tables or desks?

Contact us today!

Spalted Maple Tabletops for The Roost

We love working with local businesses.  We made these Spalted Maple Table Tops for The Roost in Stone Ridge and we love the way they added such a clean freshness to their place… both interior and exterior.

Are you embarking on a new business venture or wanting to freshen up an existing space? We build all sorts of things and we have done many tabletops and desktops for businesses.

We provide our customers with personalized collaborative service.

Click HERE to reach out and let us help you get started on your project.