live-edge walnut benches

Live Edge Walnut Benches

Just take a look at these gorgeous live edge black walnut topped benches. The simple chunky legs were stained to match, but the tops are the stars. You can really see that they are a set as they are so symmetrical!

We provide our customers with personalized collaborative service.

pine beam wrap in kitchen

That’s a Wrap… Beam Wrap… That Is!

Something hanging around on your ceiling you’d rather not look at? Cover it up with a beam wrap… like a hat on a bad hair day.

We have a few options to go through… So, hang on to your hat!

We offer pre-assembled beam wraps, un-assembled components and raw material that you can customize. Let me share our thoughts on these options.

Preassembled beam wraps:

Can be made using new or reclaimed wood, pre-finished or un-finished

pre-made beam wraps in shop

Options: lock mitered, mitered, square edge

Lock Mitered

drawing of lock mitered beam wrap corners
  • Best option for pre-assembled beam wraps
  • Looks most like a real beam
  • Most difficult to execute. Tricky to mill, difficult to assemble.
  • It’s best to use new smooth milled high-quality wood because thin edges are delicate and can be brittle
  • Can be made with old face reclaimed material or new material with texture (ex. band sawn) but in order to look its best edges much line up precisely, which does not happen easily with textured wood. This can be time-consuming. It’s possible, but not practical.
  • Cannot be modified easily on-site
  • Can be difficult to handle and install

Square Edge

drawing of square edge for beam wrap
  •  Easiest to make and assemble
  • Great for reclaimed wood and new wood with texture
  • Can blend seams more easily when using reclaimed wood
  • Can offer old edges to help with consistency of appearance


drawing of mitered edge for beam wrap
  • similar to lock mitered, but less difficult to mill and assemble
  • great option for pre-assembled beam wraps
  • Looks like a real beam
  • It’s best to use new smooth milled high-quality wood because thin edges are delicate and can be brittle
  • Can be made with old face reclaimed material or new material with texture (ex. band sawn) but in order to look its best edges much line up precisely, which does not happen easily with textured wood. This can be time-consuming. It’s possible, but not practical.
  • Cannot be modified easily on-site
  • Can be difficult to handle and install

Beam wrap Components, to be assembled on site:

  • Our most popular option
  • The contractor or homeowner specifies the species, quantity, sizes, and style needed and we make them to order.
  • We have the best outcomes with square edge material in this case because the lock mitered or mitered boards can be difficult to assemble and those edges are delicate.
  • Square edge boards are adaptable, easy to work with, and fit together nicely for a trouble-free install.
  • Most contractors oversize the boards a little to allow for expansion and contraction of the material you are wrapping. This can help to prevent the seams from opening.
  • Be sure to account for covering the thickness of the bottom piece by the side pieces and tell us if you need old edges.

Image credit: WDdesigns

The first image shows the customer holding a sample board up prior to installation. In the next image, the beams are almost done and you can see what’s being covered and in the last image, you can see our pine components that were pre-milled and pre-coated with square edges. The customer assembled and installed the pine and did a great job!

drawing of beam wrap
drawing of beam wrap edge

Hand sketches can help to explain what you need.

These components can be pre-finished, just be careful while handling them. You may need to touch up fresh saw cuts.

Raw Material:

  • Many of our customers come visit the Grab and Go warehouse and hand-select material that they customize on-site. They love our circle sawn Eastern White Pine because it is beautiful, economical, and readily available.
  • We can also “skin” reclaimed beams and supply the outside cuts. We generally leave them oversized so they can be customized on-site by a good carpenter.

In these pictures (supplied by our customer) you can see just that. She hand-picked the boards from our Grab & Go and then worked with HNI builders for the install. Beautiful!

You could also go pure DIY and handpick & purchase the rough cut pine or reclaimed wood boards and do the rest yourself.


Whatever you decide, we are here to help.

FYI* Both pre-assembled and un-assembled beam wraps can be pre-finished.

The options are stain, poly and VOC free oil coatings.

That's a wrap!

Please contact us with all of your wood inquiries!

live edge walnut kitchen counter


“Hey there gorgeous kitchen! You are looking very chic with all of your shiny tile, cool colors and stainless steel.”

“What’s that you say? You are feeling a little cold and aloof? People don’t feel comfortable in your space?”

Sometimes a kitchen just needs a wood countertop. All of that stainless steel and tile needs a counterpoint to establish some warmth and balance.

If you’d like an island top or counters for your entire kitchen we can help. Here are some options to consider.

We will need you to pick a type of wood. We have many species for you to choose from.

  • walnut
  • maple
  • oak
  • cherry
  • ash
  • reclaimed oak
  • reclaimed heart pine
  • other options are available, just ask!


then a style…

Plank Style

island countertop made from walnut wood

Plank style is generally joined up using random width boards. Thickness is typically up to 1-3/4”

Live Edge

Live edge features the natural contours of the tree.


Edge Grain

great room with wood elements from excelsior wood products

Edge grain is created by joining up long narrow strips that are generally 1-1/2” – 1-3/4”

And of course, we need to know the dimensions!

We’ll need to know the thickness, width/depth, and length of each piece you need so our Craftsman can get to work!

What kind of Edge Detail do you want?

Square with a slightly broken edge, 1/8” radius, ¼” radius, or Ogee. Do you need this edge detail milled on all 4 edges?

walnut counter with ogee edge
different countertop edge options

Excelsior offers either a VOC free clear oil (knife friendly and requires maintenance) or polyurethane (not knife friendly, more durable).

We provide our customers with personalized collaborative service.

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fireplace with reclaimed beam mantle and shiplap

Meaningful Mantles

A fireplace mantel is not just an important piece for your home aesthetically. Yes, it can help to set a tone and may be the most looked at piece of wood in your home, however,  it can also serve as a sort of modern shrine to your family, holding treasures and pictures of your loved ones. It’s a place for stockings to be hung and the classic picture is taken. Many of our customers feel overwhelmed in the search for the perfect mantel, searching for hours through every board we have. We’re hoping to help guide you through the options here and save you some time and energy. 

We offer not only old hand-hewn beams and reclaimed joists but new wood mantles as well.

Here are a few examples of reclaimed hand-hewn beam mantles. The rough-cut wood texture adds a warm inviting feeling to your home and that sense of age… and an authentic reclaimed beam has a story.

Below are examples of a reclaimed joist mantle.

With a slimmer profile, a reclaimed joist is the supporter and not the star. The joist is a beautiful piece of reclaimed wood and will add that rustic element and warmth to the fireplace without stealing the show.

Beams and joists can be purchased straight out of the barn with dirt and hay included or we can do the work to prepare it, cut it to size, and coat it. Please keep in mind that when we make new cuts into reclaimed wood the texture and color will be different. We can blend the new cuts with the old within reason.

For coatings, we offer VOC free oil, polyurethane, and fire retardants.

We can also join pieces together to make wider mantles…

craftsman working on reclaimed wood glue-up

Is your style more classic? We can mill you a quarter sawn oak mantel. Or paint grade wood with historic details. What many people don’t know about us is that Excelsior Wood Products began by producing architectural millwork. We still produce the finest custom moldings.

We can match almost any existing molding for historic reproductions, as we meticulously grind our own tooling in house.

So whether you are looking for rustic or refined or we can use new wood to make something that fits your style.

Perhaps a more organic form is what you are looking for. A live-edge mantle that focuses on the natural shape of the wood and creates a sculptural effect along the front edge of the mantel would be a fabulous choice.

We'd love to move forward as quickly as possible with your project .... So here's some things to consider:

  1. Dimensions (thickness x width x length)
  2. New or Reclaimed
  3. Style – Classic, rustic, contemporary, transitional
  4. Species of wood
  5. Texture
  6. Pre-coated or un-coated
  7. Lead time

You can find more inspiration and glean some more modern ideas for mantles on our Pinterest board Fireplace Mantles

So whatever style you choose… remember… A mantle may just be one piece of wood, but it’s an important one. So whether you are looking for something New or Reclaimed, let us help!

white kichen with wood accents

Let’s Shelf it!

You have stuff.

Perhaps your autographed framed print of Barry Manilow needs a permanent home. I know mine does!

Put your stuff on our shelves.

They are so pretty and much less expensive than cabinets.

Here are some things to consider…

Think about how you will use them.

Recently a customer increased the depth of his shelves a bit so he could fit two bottles of Tito’s vodka instead of one. Way to think ahead!

Most shelves we make are between 1″ – 2″ thick x 8″ -12″ deep x 2′ – 8′ long.
Depending upon the depth they may be one board piece or… 2 or more where we have to do a glue-up.

craftsman working on reclaimed wood glue-up
Glue-up & Clamping

Keep in mind, that we can make any size within reason.

We can make shelves in just about any new native species like white oak, red oak, walnut or maple. The sky is pretty much the limit with new wood. There are many options available between the species of wood and the thickness and the coating you chose.

The shelves below are white oak. New. Fresh. Contemporary.

Photo: Chestnut Street Design & Construction, Inc.

We offer reclaimed wood shelves in mixed softwoods, heart pine, redwood and oak when available.

Milling Options
We mill one edge straight so they fit nicely against the wall.
The edges will be square and slightly eased so they aren’t too sharp.
There are a few styles we can make using reclaimed wood.

white kitchen with wood accents
Photo: The Farmhouse Project

Reclaimed Shelves with old-face.

Old face top and front edge, new-face on bottom. Please note this is flip-able.

With new-face reclaimed wood, we carefully remove the original surface of the wood to expose the fresh wood underneath. The evidence of reclamation including nail holes, areas of beautiful patina, and gorgeous grain pattern still tell a story with history. It is cleaned-up:)

reclaimed shelves

Here’s an example of old edge, new face top, and bottom

Old-Face wood highlights the true natural beauty and character of reclaimed material. Rugged in appearance, this product maintains as much original surface as possible. Features on this material include old saw marks, patina, tool marks, and years wear-and-tear. Here are some examples of old-face details.

We can also do new-face all sides.

We will custom coat your shelves for you. You pick out the finish you want and leave the rest to us or you can do it yourself.

Excelsior’s coatings options:
•VOC free oil (natural appearance and ingredients, low sheen, requires specific products for upkeep, less durable)
• Polyurethane (very durable, low to mid-sheen, does not require specific products for upkeep)
• Stain can be applied to affect the overall color or to decrease contrast from new face/freshly milled and old face surfaces.

*Please note that Excelsior does not currently supply brackets or mounting hardware however if you need assistance prepping your shelves for your hardware we can likely help.

Do not hesitate to reach out for your shelving quote. Large orders or small, we are happy to help!

So put your stuff on a shelf!

Thank you to The Farmhouse Project,  Chestnut Street Design & Construction & some other fabulous customers for photos.

new oak flooring

Comforts of Home

Wood is both natural and nurturing.

This home is filled with the love of wood. It welcomes you from the moment you enter.

Wide plank reclaimed oak is the star of the family room. Some of these planks are over 12″ across! There is a reclaimed beam set atop the brick for a mantle on the fireplace. Using reclaimed paneling on the ceiling and walnut as an accent around the entry closet adds even more interest to this space.

The kitchen is chock full of delicious wood details. Live-edge wood counters and wood cabinets, whitewashed wood paneling on the ceiling, and reclaimed oak on the floors.

The back-entry is a showcase for walnut. It was used through the mudroom and adjoining bathroom on both the floor and walls. And there are live-edge window ledges and a small shelf that extends along the walls.

As you move further in you can go up the magnificent stairs built from beams and live edge oak slabs. This stairs has a comforting sturdy presence in the space and is a focal point.

Upstairs there is new flooring throughout and more reclaimed paneling with a little lighting bling added.

The bathroom door is a solid oak slab.

We dance and play and kick off our boots in our homes… on the wood floors that support us, our babies crawl on and take their first steps on… and grow up before our very eyes.

We love wood at Excelsior and we love to work with our customers and enjoy knowing that we could play even a small part in adding those wood elements to your home to make it the place that welcomes everyone.

Thanks to the models and helpers Leah, Hannah, and Rachel &  of course… Penny:)

Haven Living

Haven: a place of safety or refuge.

Our homes have truly become our havens.

Daydreaming about sprucing up your haven?  We are too…


Maybe you finally have some time to add those open shelves in the kitchen you’ve been wanting…

Or you’re dreaming of that accent wall with shelves for your books… or an area for your favorite hobby! (like your growing collection of friends… ahem… plants that you seem to be talking an awful lot to lately;)



       It may be time to get comfortable working from home… even if you just carve out a small space for a desk. Or you go all out and turn your guest bedroom into an office.


Perhaps consider a dining table you’d be inspired to pull up a chair to and have a meal at…




How about an outdoor area you can enjoy in solitude or with loved ones?

Now that we are spending so much more time at home, why not make it your haven? Even just a few changes can make it work better for you and your family. 

Make your home your Haven!

We are happy to help. Reach out today and request a quote.

Cartoons: Christina Sauer (Products Specialist)



Many of you may not be aware, but Excelsior does not only specialize in flooring! We have a brilliant customs department to assist with your custom design projects in both residential and commercial settings.

Do you have an idea for a custom project?

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Live Edge Decomposed Desk

We love to collaborate with our customers and help their vision become reality. Seeing decomposition as beauty and art was part of the uniqueness of this project.

After all the prep work of planing & sanding the surface, and the main section was routed out for a piece of glass, we finished with VOC free oil which had to get into all the nooks and crannies of this piece and boy, was this wood thirsty. 

Adding the butterflies was really a necessity in this project!

The glass adds functionality to the desk and also adds a frame to the beauty underneath. It’s also helpful so things don’t fall through;) 

This piece fits perfectly into this home office and truly adds a magnificent element of creativity.

Let us help your vision become reality.

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Live-edge Decomposed Desktop

We get to collaborate with lots of imaginative people who like to think outside the box. Who would have thought a decomposing live edge slag could look so perfectly at home in an office? Our customers who designed this piece of art knew exactly what they wanted and we love to help vision become reality.

It took a while to get into all the nooks and crannies of this bad-boy. The wood just soaked the oil up.

This desk looks right at home in the space that was designed perfectly for this unique piece. The glass-top keeps things from falling through and also gives a looking glass effect to the art of decomposition.

Inspiration is everywhere!

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