Properly Store and Acclimate Your Siding and Decking

Be sure to properly store and acclimate your siding and decking at the job site.

Proper storage of your exterior wood products is critical for a successful installation. Understanding your job site conditions and how they impact wood products is essential in determining proper storage methods.

The wood should be kept dry. The goal is to keep the product from direct exposure to the elements (sun, rain, sleet, snow, etc.) prior to installation while allowing it to acclimate. Be advised that your product must also be protected from the ground below and its detrimental effects of moisture infiltration.

Failure to properly store your material can and likely will result in the manifestation of many damaging effects. Proper on-site storage is not Excelsior Wood Products’ responsibility.

Here are some tips to consider that could help keep your siding and decking in good condition prior to installation:

  • Keep the wood products elevated off the ground a minimum of 4″-6″ on a flat surface.
  • Place a moisture barrier, like a tarp, on the ground beneath the pack.
  • Cover the unit with a moisture barrier. Elevate the center so water doesn’t pool on the top.
  • Do not completely seal the bundle. Air should be able to circulate fully around and throughout the stack. The goal is for the material to acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the job site. Generally speaking, in our region most wood products are ready to install when they are below a 15% moisture content.
  • For best air circulation and acclimation sticker each layer.
  • If your siding or decking is pre-coated be careful that you do not get sticker marks on the faces of the boards. In this case, you could stack a layer face to face leaving the slip sheets (thin plastic sheets separating the boards) between the boards so they do not adhere together causing sticking and peeling. Be sure to protect the exposed faces of the boards, even if it is not pre-coated.


In any case, if your order has slip sheets, we encourage you to leave these between the boards until you are ready to install. They will help the boards from sticking together and peeling off the coatings.

We Will Pre-finish Your Flooring!

Advantages for having your flooring coated at Excelsior:

  • No messy sanding on site.
  • No unpleasant smells off-gassing in your home.
  • You can start living on it faster without the dry time.
  • The varying colors of individual boards can be woven together thoughtfully so you don’t have a light board right next to a dark board creating a harsh contrast.


Advantages of applying coatings onsite:

  • An eased or beveled edge is not required.
  • You can make adjustments as you go. For example. if it’s not reading dark enough you can apply another coat of stain.



  • loads of colors are available: shades of brown, white, grey, black, red, etc.
  • feel free to skip the stain if you like the natural color of the wood and head straight to the top coats

Top Coats:

  • Water-based polyurethanes are the most popular currently. They amber or yellow the wood less than the oil polyurethanes. We offer a matte sheen for a low luster option.
  • Oil-based polyurethanes are more durable than water-based polyurethanes. They are great for bringing the warm colors out in wood. We offer a satin sheen, which is slightly shinier than the matte water-based poly option.
  • There are also some new formulas that are nearly invisible with an extremely low sheen.  It’s the closest look to an unfinished floor while still offering protection.
  • VOC free oil finishes are natural and beautiful. They do require maintenance with specific products. They spot and scratch more easily but you can easily perform spot repairs.


Down the road… when you need to refinish your flooring, polyurethane needs to be sanded off before applying a fresh finish, while VOC free oil does not.

Of course, we explain your finish options and guide you along the process of choosing what’s best for your home and lifestyle.



When Excelsior is creating a custom floor for a customer, we often create a sample for your approval. This sample is used during production as a target, so we will need it back. Excelsior will refer to the sample and produce a product that is reasonably close. Samples are not intended to be a specific representation of every possible characteristic of any given wood type.


Proper acclimation of the flooring is necessary for a successful installation.

Kitchen with Pink Panache

Here’s a little inspiration for you.

This kitchen is such a delightful, happy place!

Pink refrigerator! Mushroom-wood hood painted to match! Pine Floors painted in high gloss white paint… add bohemian rugs and viola… a serene happy place to do yoga or have a tea party with panache!

Want something unique?

We do custom wood projects all the time. Reach out today and tell us about your project!

Contrator: Marbletown Restoration & Construction

Cedar Siding & Mushroom Wood Door

With clear cedar siding coated with a beautiful semi-transparent stain, this house was trimmed with custom millwork coated in a pale sage green to pick up the tones of the siding. We  custom made the reclaimed Mushroom Wood door and it contrasts perfectly!


So, you ordered your siding, decking, or other beautifully dreamy Exterior Wood Product for your home.

Now it is time to make the decision regarding a coating.

Your budget and initial thought might be telling you to stick with just the raw material and to do the coating on-site.  As much as we support our builders and DIY’ers in the field, let’s just say there are some VERY good reasons why you might want to reconsider a factory finished, custom coating for your exterior products this season.

1. Space for Drying

When coating exterior products, it is best practice to apply a coating to each individual board to ensure all sides are protected and completely cured before installing. When coating materials on-site, it can be hard to find enough space to layout each board.

Most new construction sites are full of machinery and materials, and not all properties have an abundance of flat ground available to lay out each board.


(image credit:,_WA-5E2%80%94_New_house_under_construction_%E280%94%_01.jpg/ license: crop and text added)

Excelsior’s Custom Coating’s Department is equipped with optimal space and drying racks to ensure each board is coated and cured according to manufacturer’s instructions. Designed to store 1000’s of LF of material, you can save space on-site by allowing us to store your material on our racks until it is dry enough to deliver to your job site.


2. Avoiding Debris and Inclement Weather 

In the case that you DO have enough space on your site to lay out each board to dry, other factors can affect the final finish of your product coating on-site. Dirt, debris, and bugs often found on job sites can easily blow around and stick to wet material. In addition, unpredictable weather-related damage such as rain, wind and sun exposure, can disrupt the coating process altogether.

(image credit:

By allowing Excelsior to take over the task of coating your material, you can avoid the stress of rushing a paint job prior to a rainstorm. Your products will be coated and dried in a covered, temperature-controlled environment away from the elements, resulting in a beautiful finish your customer (or yourself) will be proud to show off.


3. Decreasing Blistering and Bubbling

As stated above, to coat exterior products effectively, all sides must be coated to protect the material from weather-related wear-and-tear. That includes the face of the board, the back, two ends and two edges, all needing optimal time for coating and drying.

Most people on-site choose to forgo this recommendation and coat just the face of the boards to save time.

(image credit:”

…not recommended, especially with wood products. Wood that is not protected on all sides will absorb more moisture through the unsealed back and ends of the boards, which could create an undesired blistering effect on the painted face of the boards.


Luckily, Excelsior has the ability to provide a fully coated product to ensure your wood is properly prepared. You will not regret allowing us to take this extra step to ensure a professional finish that will not have to be repaired due to short cuts.


4. Saving Time and Money

As far as budgets are concerned, labor costs to coat materials in the field (correctly) can really add up. It can take on-site workers twice as long to do the same work as it does for a properly applied factory finish by a machine. Plus, if you do not have a connection with a reputable coatings supplier, you may end up paying double for just the actual coating…this is not sounding better for anyone’s wallet.

Excelsior’s machine sprayer will definitely save you time and money on your project by eliminating the need for additional machinery and laborers on-site. Our machine coats every board evenly, quickly, and up to the high-end standard expected of a factory finished product. Have you ever watched our guys put those boards through the sprayer? Very impressive!

Using quality products, such as Benjamin Moore Paint and Arborcoat, Excelsior is able to prime, paint, stain, or oil a variety of your exterior product needs.

Partnering with reputable suppliers, we have the ability to color match a custom order or use a specified product to meet your exterior vision.


5. More Business!

The last reason for choosing a factory finished coating from Excelsior is simple…more time for more jobs! With the help of Excelsior’s Custom Coating Department, you can take on more work knowing you will have a quality finished exterior product ready for installation, minus the time it takes to do it yourself. Whether you are supplying your own material for coatings, or you want us to provide a start to finish product, Excelsior has you covered. Click below for a quote on your exterior project this season!

For the love of wood…

So lets talk coatings so we can help you save time and money.

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Spalted Maple Tabletops for The Roost

We love working with local businesses.  We made these Spalted Maple Table Tops for The Roost in Stone Ridge and we love the way they added such a clean freshness to their place… both interior and exterior.

Are you embarking on a new business venture or wanting to freshen up an existing space? We build all sorts of things and we have done many tabletops and desktops for businesses.

We provide our customers with personalized collaborative service.

Click HERE to reach out and let us help you get started on your project.


Reclaimed heart pine flooring and antique hand hewn beams were utilized to add character and old world charm to this beautiful home.

New Face Antique Heart Pine features subtle reclaimed characteristics perfect for more refined rustic designs. Find out more about our Antique Heart Pine here.

Add instant age, teture and character with our Hand-Hewn Beams!


This impressive home features Select Grade Rift & Quatersawn White Oak with a VOC free coating and matching stair parts.

Rift and Quartersawn White Oak flooring is carefully milled to exhibit a clean look of long, straight grain patterns, occasional small knots, and beautiful flecking. Among the grades of oak, rift and quartered has become one of the most desired materials on the market.

Typically found in formal settings, this highly valued material is durable, stable, and takes a variety of coatings beautifully. Whether you favor a crisp white, a driftwood gray, or even a deep earthy brown, this white oak flooring will flow elegantly through your space.

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