Why are we pining for pine? (Sorry for the pun, it’s involuntary). Let’s have a look.


We can play with color, texture, width, and profile (t&g vs. nickel gap shiplap for example).

Pine can be milled into wall paneling, ceiling cladding, siding, furniture, and flooring.  Check out this flooring. The circle-sawn texture, wide planks, and deep brown stain create a rustic, reclaimed appearance.


We can mill pine into smooth shiplap, apply primer and white paint… Voila! Shiplap `ala Mrs. JoAnna Gaines.

How about a look inspired by sun-weathered barn siding?


We don’t want to say it’s cheap because that implies it’s of lesser quality. That’s definitely NOT the case. So, it’s not cheap… it’s a bargain! High value, low cost.


What’s greener than a pine tree? Our pine is selectively harvested in the Adirondack Region of New York State, close to home. It’s just on ingredient: Wood! So, it takes fewer processes and less energy to make than those composite products.

Beautiful and available in wide widths. Just look…


Our Adirondack Eastern White Pine is of excellent quality and milled with precision. I’ts kiln-dried to 6-8%. This is important because it helps to reduce issues like knot bleed and gapping. Most pine found at local lumberyards has about twice the moisture content.

We love this stuff. (It’s not that creepy, dark, outdated pine paneling from my childhood bedroom.) This is a new, beautiful, versatile, economical take on a great wood species.

We hope you’ll give us a call so we can spread some haPINEss to you. We’d love to help bring forth your unique vision!

Welcome to Our New Showroom

Welcome to Our New Showroom



Open your doors and your windows: Let’s welcome in the sunshine and spirit of Spring!

This year spring is going to be awesome. We are excited and we want to share that energy with you.

We are finally prepared to open our doors and windows and present our recently updated showroom.

It took us some time to find out what it would take to change the look of our showroom to make it work better.

And we are now at a point where we can proudly say we are happy with a really inviting place that serves for information gathering, some education, a meeting place to talk about your project over a cup of coffee and of course a place to see many of our samples of wood.

Do you feel the energy radiating from the warmer spring weather, too? Do you want to get those projects started that you’ve been dreaming of all winter?


Whether you want to start with an exterior project because you can already see yourself sitting on that deck you envisioned, or you really want to increase the value of your house by getting the new siding done that you’ve needed for years, we have fabulous options available.


Our EXTERIOR SECTION in our showroom has many samples for you to choose from. You’ll be able to find a solution for every taste and every budget.

Make sure the DECKING you get is the perfect wood for you. Do you want it to last long and just look absolutley beautiful? We have some gorgeous options that will make you never want to leave your deck again. Have a look for yourself!



Find the right SIDING for your home. Different species, different profiles are here to see, touch and choose from. Siding is much more than a pleasing facade.


And did you know, that getting the right protection (COATING) on your wood makes your exterior project even more attractive and last so much longer? So, don’t skip that. We can help you get it done right here at Excelsior.


And what about freshening up the INTERIOR of your house and dusting off those winter blahs? Go ahead and give it the new FLOORING or PANELING you’ve been waiting so long for.


Need inspiration or are still too undecided to make decisions? Good! Let us help you here! We have much more to offer than just some sample boards in our showroom. We also offer many more products and services and are happy to help you get a clearer idea of where you want to go.

Let’s sit down, grab a cup of coffee and figure it out.

5 Reasons for Exterior Factory Coatings this Spring

5 Reasons For Exterior Factory Coatings This Spring

So, you ordered your siding, decking, or other beautifully dreamy Exterior Wood Product for your home. Now it is time to make the decision regarding a coating.

Your budget and initial thought might be telling you to stick with just the raw material and to do the coating on-site.  As much as we support our builders and DIY’ers in the field, let’s just say there are some VERY good reasons why you might want to reconsider a factory finished, custom coating for your exterior products this season.

1. Space for Drying

When coating exterior products, it is best practice to apply a coating to each individual board to ensure all sides are protected and completely cured before installing. When coating materials on-site, it can be hard to find enough space to lay out each board. Most new construction sites are full of machinery and materials, and not all properties have an abundance of flat ground available to lay out each board.

(image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pacific,_WA-5E2%80%94_New_house_under_construction_%E280%94%_01.jpg/ license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode/ crop and text added)


Excelsior’s Custom Coating’s Department is equipt with optimal space and drying racks to ensure each board is coated and cured according to manufacturer’s instructions. Designed to store 1000’s of LF of material, you can save space on-site by allowing us to store your material on our racks until it is dry enough to deliver to your job site.



2. Avoiding Debris and Inclement Weather 

In the case that you DO have enough space on your site to lay out each board to dry, other factors can affect the final finish of your product coating on-site. Dirt, debris, and bugs often found on job sites can easily blow around and stick to wet material. In addition, unpredictable weather-related damage such as rain, wind and sun exposure, can disrupt the coating process altogether.

(image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/wood-fibre-boards-timber-parquet-1819483/)

By allowing Excelsior to take over the task of coating your material, you can avoid the stress of rushing a paint job prior to a rainstorm. Your products will be coated and dried in a covered, temperature controlled environment away from the elements, resulting in a beautiful finish your customer (or yourself) will be proud to show off.


3. Decreasing Blistering and Bubbling

As stated above, to coat exterior products effectively, all sides must be coated to protect the material from weather-related wear-and-tear. That includes the face of the board, the back, two ends and two edges, all needing optimal time for coating and drying. Most people on-site choose to forgo this recommendation and coat just the face of the boards to save time.


(image credit:  http://www.proconstructionguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/iStock_000005396820Small.jpg)

…not recommended, especially with wood products. Wood that is not protected on all sides will absorb more moisture through the unsealed back and ends of the boards, creating an undesired blistering effect on the painted face of the boards.  Luckily, Excelsior has the ability to provide a fully coated product to ensure your wood is sealed. You will not regret allowing us to take this extra step to ensure a professional finish that will not have to be recoated in the near future due to short cuts.


4. Saving Time and Money

As far as budgets are concerned, labor costs to coat materials in the field (correctly) can really add up. It can sometimes take on-site workers twice as long to do the same work as it does for a properly applied factory finish by a machine. Plus, if you do not have a connection with a reputable coatings supplier, you may end up paying double for just the actual coating…this is not sounding better for anyone’s wallet.



Excelsior’s machine sprayer will definitely save you time and money on your project by eliminating the need for additional machinery and laborers on-site. Our machine coats every board evenly, quickly, and up to the high-end standard expected of a factory finished product.

Using quality products, such as Benjamin Moore and Randolph Products, Excelsior is able to prime, paint, stain, or oil a variety of your exterior product needs. Partnering with reputable suppliers, we have the ability to color match a custom order or use a specified product to meet your exterior vision.


5. More Business!

The last reason for choosing a factory finished coating from Excelsior is simple…more time for more jobs! With the help of Excelsior’s Custom Coating Department, you can take on more work knowing you will have a quality finished exterior product ready for installation, minus the time it takes to do it yourself. Whether you are supplying your own material for coatings, or you want us to provide a start to finish product, Excelsior has you covered. Click below for a quote on your exterior project this season!

For the love of wood…

Project of the Month: Saugerties Mountain Home

Project of the Month: Saugerties Mountain Home

This month’s project highlight was tough to put together… because there is too much awesomeness to show!

This Saugerties home was one of the most enjoyable projects for Excelsior to date, from start to finish. Though the house is large, this customer’s amazing sense of style warms the home, giving it a cozy and inviting feel. Our favorite part? You can see Excelsior products in every corner!

Working alongside some of the best in the business, Excelsior was able to jump full force into this project in both fabricating finished products and providing raw materials for custom creations.

As you stroll through this home (drooling with envy) you can see a number of different Excelsior products…

Walnut flooring and Dead Standing Maple Slab bar top.

Walnut stair treads sanded and oiled super smooth.

Reclaimed Whitewashed Oak paneling used for cabinets…

…a dreamy countertop view.

Reclaimed water tower Alaskan Yellow Cedar paneling in a whitewash finish can be seen boarding the balcony and on the first floor ceilings…

…while old face Reclaimed Alaskan Yellow Cedar paneling kisses the skies.


Dead Standing Maple paneling can be seen in the entry ways and by the kitchen. A perfect background for this customer’s unique design and art decor.

A huge Reclaimed Oak media door is handcrafted by Excelsior.

As for the other doors in the home, we were happy to help compliment our partner’s sleek pieces.

In fact, all of the beautiful Rift and Quartered moldings and trim stretching through the home were milled and provided by Excelsior!

Live edge slabs, such as this Spalted Maple slab, can be seen enhancing furniture pieces…

…and serving as furniture pieces, like this Walnut beauty!

In the center of the home is a large beam, you can’t miss it! This beam is over 100 years old and was found on the property prior to construction. The beam stretches through every floor of the house and serves as a structural piece of history in the home.

Overall, this is just a sneak peek of the photos we were able to take of this unique home. Look out for more to come on this project, to be featured in our Portfolio: https://excelsiorwood.com/portfolio/index

Big thanks to all who partnered with us on this adventure, check out their sites below!

Black Oak Builders:http://blackoakbuilt.com/

Bob Brown Construction:http://precisionconcretestructures.com/home/2222710

Rowan Woodworking:https://www.rowanwoodwork.com/

For the love of wood…