great room with reclaimed oak floors and reclaimed beam mantle

Great Room Re-Do

This great room re-do is such an inviting space. The reclaimed mantle and shiplap really enhance the fireplace built-ins and create a feature starring many family heirlooms which are such conversation starters.

The homeowner used both new and old furniture and accessories to add character and charm. 

The reclaimed oak flooring grounds the space with great texture and warmth.

(Although these customers chose to do authentic reclaimed oak flooring, we are able to mill new wood with saw mark details to mimic the look of reclaimed and create texture with our milling and coating processes.)

Looking to do a re-do too!

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Tree Cutting Guilt?

Tree cutting guilt… Is what we’re doing okay?

It seems like we need trees more than ever… sucking in carbon, breathing out oxygen.

It seems like trees could be one of the most useful tools in decreasing carbon levels.

So, what are we thinking, cutting them down?

Especially the tropical hardwoods in the Amazon!

This could keep a person in the lumber industry up at night!  Then propel them into research mode…

So, we spoke with Nova, our supplier of Ipe and Red Balau/Batu (both South American tropical hardwoods)  to better understand their practices. We are delighted to report to you, what we learned.

Here are some highlights:

  •   No clearcutting
  •   Selective harvesting only
  • Seedlings and small trees are allowed to grow
  •  Only 2 – 200 trees are harvested for every 1000 acres of forest
  • A plot of forested land is allowed to rest for 20-30 years between cuts
  •  After 2-3 harvesting cycles, there is actually more wood fiber in the forest. This sweet spot between harvesting and re-growth results in Optimal Forest Re-growth!
  •  Loggers submit detailed forest management plans for approval, including species identification with GPS coordinates to pinpoint trees and execute the plan precisely.


Surprisingly, agriculture is the biggest threat to the rain forests. Forests are clear cut or burned to make room for growing crops and raising cattle.

Perhaps it is counter-intuitive, but the forest and logging industry, when operating ethically, is a defender and protector of our forests. Lumber companies can operate, jobs can be created, people can make a living, and forests can actually thrive.

Here is a link to Nova’s page about their practices if you’d like to read more. I know I feel much better now that I understand how our supplier works.

New Home REclaimed

The wooded setting inspired this log home build. Even though this was a new build kit home, it has such character and the attention to detail is seen in every corner.

We had the honor of working with these customers on many fronts.

We built the bathroom sliding barn door from reclaimed material.

Reclaimed wood was turned into a table with the same vibe as the house.

We custom made the desktop from a decomposing live-edge Slab.

(You can read more about that HERE.)

The homeowners spent much time and attention on choosing just the right boards for each of the custom-built cabinets and closets.

They handpicked all of the reclaimed wood for their unique furniture projects in our Grab & Go, and collaborated with a local artisan/craftsman who did a stellar job building the custom closets, tv cabinet, and bar. As you can see these pieces are a work of art!

We milled the flooring that runs throughout the house from reclaimed oak, leaving much of the original patina, saw marks, and interesting nail holes showing signs of history. The result is stunning.

Our coating department ran thousands of linear feet of paneling through our machines and allowed them to dry on our drying racks. This was such a time and money saver for the homeowners.

Look at all of the interior paneling inside this log home!

Imagine having that coated on-site… Now imagine the carpenter finishing the install and stepping back relieved that it’s done! One step DONE.

We clear coated the interior paneling and the paneling used under the eaves on the exterior as well.

We just love this log home and how all of the wood elements combine to create such a warm and inviting space.

The results are such an inspiration!

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Haven Living

Haven: a place of safety or refuge.

Our homes have truly become our havens.

Daydreaming about sprucing up your haven?  We are too…


Maybe you finally have some time to add those open shelves in the kitchen you’ve been wanting…

Or you’re dreaming of that accent wall with shelves for your books… or an area for your favorite hobby! (like your growing collection of friends… ahem… plants that you seem to be talking an awful lot to lately;)



       It may be time to get comfortable working from home… even if you just carve out a small space for a desk. Or you go all out and turn your guest bedroom into an office.


Perhaps consider a dining table you’d be inspired to pull up a chair to and have a meal at…




How about an outdoor area you can enjoy in solitude or with loved ones?

Now that we are spending so much more time at home, why not make it your haven? Even just a few changes can make it work better for you and your family. 

Make your home your Haven!

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Cartoons: Christina Sauer (Products Specialist)