Siding: More Than Just a Pretty Coat

As we head into the warm months of summer, an annual inspection to see how your home withstood the harsh winter conditions is something any homeowner should do. Check the garage, the porch and most importantly your house. If your siding has seen better days… And if painting it will only be a short term cover-up…

…then you should consider replacing your homes protective layer (your siding) because we all know that siding is more than just a pretty winter coat.


When looking for new siding, the problem you face is simple. Siding is supposed to protect your home from the outside! It has to withstand the harsh conditions here in our area. It gets rained on, snowed on (sometimes with a crazy 30 inches or more) during those harsh winter storms, it has to hold its ground against sleet and sometimes even hail. The sun also burns down on it during our hot and humid summers.

image:Nova Wood

Why do people want siding that tries to imitate the look of wood instead of using the real deal? The timeless, classic look, smell, and texture of real wood just feels right. As we come full circle and see the need to be eco-conscious making “greener choices” helps us to live healthier. Wood is the perfect ecologically friendly type of siding.

image: K.Warren Builders

A huge advantage of wood is that it is readily available and can be installed quickly. Another one is that wood siding is easily replaced if it becomes damaged. With wood, homeowners could take care of repairs themselves, saving time and money. Wood can easily transform your home and can be painted or stained almost any color. It should be painted, stained or varnished on every side (not just the side facing out) to protect it from the elements and from insects too. Insect and water damage are two of the largest disadvantages of wood, but these problems can be overcome by good maintenance and the homeowner’s choice of wood.

Therefore, we would like to point to WESTERN RED CEDAR (WRC) as an exceptional choice for exterior siding. WRC is super lightweight, easy to work with, and it is naturally resistant to moisture, decay and insect damage. Yes, this type of wood is eco-friendly, decay-resistant and offers natural protection against the weather. Insects find certain chemicals naturally present in Cedar to be distasteful. And when maintained properly, this product has excellent longevity.

Western Red Cedar has a beautiful warm grain and the ability to take a variety of coatings (stains, primers, and topcoats). One tip to protect your wood is to prime and coat it the first time prior to installing it. Make sure you follow the instructions for the application because applying it under conditions that are not preferable may cause problems with the coating. At Excelsior, we can provide you with the wood and even better, we can coat it for you to a factory finish, ready for installation. All under one roof.

So, do it right, make your decision to go with natural wood and you will not only get the look you want, but you will feel good knowing you are being eco-friendly while giving your home the protection it needs.

Most of us have a limiting factor: the price point. Excelsior has other options that are more budget-friendly. If you want real wood and have a tighter budget than WRC will allow, let us show you some of the other options available. We also have some unique options available from reclaimed wood to tropical hardwoods.

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Deck with a View

Now that summer is here…at least on the calendar. It’s time to get out on your deck. This deck was built by the homeowners. They decided to tackle this project themselves.



They used one of our favorite decking materials, Red Balau. It is favored by many because of its unique elegance and its affordable price. Red Balau is a product most recommended for decking and exterior uses. Offering superior qualities, such as natural resistance to rot and decay, this product stands the test of harsh weather conditions.


The deck is surrounding a beautiful pool perfect for enjoying the sun on your face with a drink in hand, lemonade with the kids or a cocktail with friends, a family BBQ, or just relaxing…


We always recommend applying coatings on decking for protection.

Update: We are now using ExoShield wood stain which offers superior protection for exterior wood applications such as decking, siding and outdoor furniture. It is marine grade, low VOC and long-lasting.


We love helping our customers get the deck of their dreams and now have another way to help…

Let us help you put together a package that includes the decking (stained and protected on all sides), clips, and screws so you can get that deck you’ve been dreaming about done this summer!

Check out our online store, give us a call or stop by to see the products we now carry to help you build the deck of your dreams!

And congratulations to our customer on a job well done! Enjoy the summer on that fabulous deck!