This is why we love what we do here at Excelsior Wood Products.

When the Town of Woodstock approached us, to fabricate a boardwalk for their trail system, we thought, “The remnants of the Coney Island Boardwalk belong there!”

We knew the citizens of Woodstock had the heart and vision, along with their desire to reuse and recycle, to embrace this project.

Due to the wet conditions in areas of the trail system, a boardwalk became a necessity.

Excelsior Wood Products fabricated the “new” boardwalk here on site.

The wood was reclaimed from the Coney Island boardwalk. The species is ipe (nicknamed “iron wood”). This wood is very unique. It’s great for wet outdoor conditions. It’s very resistant to termites and fungus. To top it off, it has a class A fire rating, the same as concrete and steel!

We worked closely with the town’s task force. The logistics of fabricating then transporting over 220 feet of this boardwalk were complex. Excelsior and the Town donated many hours of laborious volunteer work.

This reborn boardwalk, in it’s new home, appears natural, organic and very beautiful. We hope that many people who have dear memories of Coney Island will visit and reminisce. Come see a piece of history settled in this sanctuary in Woodstock.

For the Love of Wood!


This impressive home features Select Grade Rift & Quatersawn White Oak with a VOC free coating and matching stair parts.

Rift and Quartersawn White Oak flooring is carefully milled to exhibit a clean look of long, straight grain patterns, occasional small knots, and beautiful flecking. Among the grades of oak, rift and quartered has become one of the most desired materials on the market.

Typically found in formal settings, this highly valued material is durable, stable, and takes a variety of coatings beautifully. Whether you favor a crisp white, a driftwood gray, or even a deep earthy brown, this white oak flooring will flow elegantly through your space.

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